Don't can the can

Don't can the can

Student Tanya Stanko used the crisp packaging to create a working Enigma machine with her fellow engineering students at Innopolis University.

The original Enigma machine was used by the Germans during World War Two to encrypt and decrypt messages, but the code was successfully cracked by Alan Turing in 1939.

Don't can the can

After the 5p carrier bag charge was introduced in 2015, hoards of plastic carrier bags have plagued our spare cupboards, but crafty bloggers have re-versioned their crisp tubes into bag dispensers.

Don't can the can

One little boy came up with the idea to make a mini drum kit for the family's 4 July celebrations, with the addition of a few strips of duct tape to bring it all together.

Don't can the can

You may still have those Christmas crackers made of cardboard toilet roll tubes and crepe paper from your nursery days. But this creation takes it up a notch.

Jeanette Ellis has made collections from Pringles cans, such as this nativity scene, on and off for years. Her son says they are "always a hit".

Don't can the can

Meanwhile, in 2015 railway blogger Andy Carter calculated how many Pringles you could fit into the 26-mile rail tunnel project, Crossrail. Services - when work is complete - will run as far west as Reading, in Berkshire and as far east as Shenfield, in Essex.

Mr Carter made a number of rough calculations and claims it would take a whopping 844 million cans of Pringles to fill Crossrail.

But I doubt you'd try this one at home.

Don't can the can

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