Start Apr 10, 2018
End May 10, 2018


The purpose of Unibright is to leverage the promises of blockchain technology for all those driving business. Unibright is a unified framework for blockchain-based business integration.

Unibright establishes a template based, visual definition of business integration workflows and serves with automatic smart contract generation. The Unibright framework wants to enable cross-blockchain and cross-system connections and provides all system components to support a blockchain-based business integration process.

This whitepaper points out the benefits of using blockchain technology in the field of business integration, and what unsolved issues can be addressed thereby. It shows why a unifying framework like Unibright is mandatory to turn all these benefits to account and evolves the details of the Unibright concept.

Tokens generation cap

150,000,000 UBT

Tokens exchange

1 UBT = 0,14 USD

Token distribution

67% ICO
9% Early purchasers
6% Team
12% Reserve
6% Legal & Token Sale Expenses




First quarter of tokens: 10%
Second quarter of tokens: 5%

Expect to raise

Soft Cap: $2,200,000
Hard Cap: $13,542,375

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