Eligma a Cognitive Commerce Platform

Finding and selling the right product online is a chore in and of itself, with what feels like an infinite number of online shops, vendors, and loyalty programs wasting your time and keeping your personal information far from secure. Luckily, Eligma is about to change all that.

Every Household is a Business

Eligma is a cognitive commerce platform which aims to change the way people discover, purchase, track and resell items online by utilizing both artificial intelligence and blockchain technology.

Thanks to Eligma, everyones household is a business. Using the platforms unique features, users will be able to browse online stores from all over the world while checking the value of the items theyre currently looking to sell.

In addition to providing a unified shopping account, Eligma also provides users a place to discover products no matter where in the world they are located. Each product also features a digital item profile, so users know exactly what theyre getting.

Sellers on the platform can easily predict the value of their items, thanks to the help of artificial intelligence, while taking advantage of household trading agents, automated second-hand listings, and decentralized sales on the blockchain.

Eligma also rewards users with its loyalty program, which every merchant may join. Users are rewarded for contributions with ELI tokens.

So Many Benefits

Eligma is set to revolutionize commerce in a variety of ways, and the benefits are many.

As it stands right now, there are an unsurfable number of online stores cluttering the internet today. Finding the right product is a chore in and of itself. Eligma will allow users to more effectively and efficiently manage their time.

In fact, simply keeping track of every online store account we own is nearly impossible, but Eligma solves that problem too, by consolidating all of our accounts into one unified platform.

Purchasing items with cryptocurrency still feels like a pipe dream at times, but Eligma will easily allow for cryptocurrency payment solutions.

Additionally, Eligma acts as a personal inventory system by keeping track of everything we own so, unless youre a hoarder you should have no problem appraising the value of any item in your house.

Perhaps most importantly, Eligma protects its users data, unlike virtually every other online store, which monitors our every move and sells your data to the highest bidder.

The ELI Token

Of course, at the heart of Eligma is the platforms token, ELI.

ELI tokens can be used for purchases on the platform, product hunting services, listing offers on second-hand markets, utilizing escrow services, completing sales on the blockchain, advertising, and purchases linked to the loyalty program.

ELI tokens are awarded for user registration, filling out ones profile, making purchases, adding items to ones inventory, uploading receipts, referring new users, referring new online stores, publishing wishlists which result in sales, conducting social media actions which result in sales, and as loyalty rewards.

Eligmas total token supply is 500 million ELI, of which 300 million are available for purchase in the Eligmas public presale and crowdsale. The exchange rate during this time is exactly 1 ELI = 0.1 USD, with a minimum contribution of just 0.1 ETH required.

The presale begins on March 20, and ends on April 10, after which there will be a public crowdsale from April 17 to May 8.

Eligma  a Cognitive Commerce Platform

Find Out More!

If you want to learn more about how Eligma is set to revolutionize commerce, you can peruse the projects whitepaper and check out their industry-leading development team on Eligmas official website.

You can also keep up to date by joining Eligmas Telegram chat here.

Eligma is also available to follow on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

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