Exclusive: Researchers Allege Tron Plagiarized Code from other Crypto Projects

Exclusive: Researchers Allege Tron Plagiarized Code from other Crypto Projects

Researchers from Digital Asset Research (DAR) have discovered multiple instances of code copied from other projects in the Tron codebase.

It seems that Tron developers plagiarised code from Ethereum among other projects and changed filenames to make it difficult to identify the source of the code. DAR published an article on Medium about the plagiarism and the legal and technical problems that may now affect the Tron mainnet going forward.

“On December 31, 2017, the project was initially accused of violating the GNU Lesser General Public License v3.0 (LGPL) because the project does not mention that its client, Java-Tron, was derived from EthereumJ, which is one of the first Ethereum libraries,” DAR wrote, adding:

CCN spoke to Lucas Nuzzi of DAR who provided the following image in support of the plagiarism allegations, which follow a previous instance of Tron apparently lifting extensive portions of its whitepaper from other projects.

DAR provided this image in support of the allegations that Tron copied code from other projects in violation of open-source licenses [click to enlarge]Nuzzi told CCN:

Nuzzi went on to explain that apart from the potential legal and ethical concerns surrounding plagiarised code, the codebase now faces technical problems as well that could prove to be very significant.

DAR researchers were not funded specifically to research the Tron codebase — the project is a sell-side research firm that focuses on the analysis of digital assets for institutional investors, and generates revenue from subscribers who pay to gain access to exclusive material that will help inform them when investing in cryptocurrency projects like Tron.

“My job is to perform deep technical due diligence for our clients, which involves reviewing the entire codebase of the projects we cover, which is what I did with TRON,” Nuzzi said. “Most of our research is exclusive to our clients, but whenever we find something that the entire community can benefit from, we share it.”

With the mainnet migration due to take place on June 25, it’s possible that Tron may face multiple technical and legal problems that will negatively impact the performance and success of the project. Tron staff did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the matter.

In the meantime, Nuzzi has another suggestion for Tron — one they are free to copy, attribution or not.

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