Silicon Valley VCs Help Crypto Hedge Fund Reach Quarter Billion Target

With bitcoin hovering at around only $9,000 and the entire cryptocurrency market at similar low levels, short term speculators are acting as if a great calamity is upon us. Long term investors on the other hand are just entering the ecosystem now and building up a portfolio of assets that offer growth opportunities uncorrelated to stocks and commodities.

Quarter Billion Crypto Hedge Fund

Silicon Valley VCs Help Crypto Hedge Fund Reach Quarter Billion TargetMulticoin Capital, a Texas-based crypto investment fund with a multi-year time horizon, now expects to close its $250 million flagship fund by the end of Q2 2018, up from just $100 million target when it was launched in October 2017. The higher goal is supported by the addition of new investors including: David Sacks and Bill Lee (Craft Ventures), Marc Andreessen, Chris Dixon, Compound, Vy Capital, Passport Capital, Adam Zeplain (mark VC), Ari Paul (Blocktower), and Elad Gil (Color Genomics, Twitter).

Were very fortunate to have some of the most well-known investors in New York City and Silicon Valley investing with us. The past six months have been absolutely incredible. Since launch, theres been a torrent of interest in Multicoin Capital, validating the overwhelming need for professional fund managers that understand the market intimately, said Kyle Samani, co-founder and Managing Partner, Multicoin Capital. Today there are more than 200 crypto hedge funds in the mix. We stand out by simply doing what other investors like Buffet and Graham did in the stock market. We seek to build a brand and a reputation that accurately mirrors the intellectual rigor we put into each and every position we take.

Crypto Investing is Different

The funds management expects more big brand financial services providers to enter the cryptocurrency markets this year. What youre seeing is the next wave of serious investment coming to an exciting, recently-legitimized asset class, Samani told Reuters on Wednesday. Its flagship fund already reportedly manages approximately $50 million.

While there are lots of similarities between crypto investing and traditional startup investing, there are many differences, Samani explained. Most obviously, crypto assets become liquid much sooner in their life cycles than traditional private equity, he added. In addition to liquidity, everything in crypto is open source, which requires thinking about investing in a fundamentally different way.

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