One Week Away from TRON (TRX) ‘Secret Project’ Announcement

One Week Away from TRON (TRX) ‘Secret Project’ Announcement

TRON (TRX)–On July 30th, TRON will reveal its long-anticipated ‘secret project’ that will mark the next step in TRX growth and innovation.

TRON Virtual Machine and ‘Secret Project’

In June, during a celebration live-stream to commemorate TRON’s Independence Day (the official diversion of the TRX genesis block away from its ERC-20 roots), Justin Sun tantalized fans and investors with news of a ‘secret project’ that would be coming at the end of July. While the conversation was framed in praising the TRON development team for delivering on its promises and meeting deadlines, Sun also touted July 30th as a substantial date in the growth of the TRX currency.

“I think one of the most important values of Tron is we delivering our products and mission on time. So as you see, we delivered our testnet on the March 31st, our mainnet on may 31st, and officially are launching our mainnet on June 25th. The next very important milestone is July 30th- we will deliver our official virtual machine. All the decentralised exchanges and applications on the Tron platform are plugged into the Tron ecosystem. July 30th we will launch one of our secret projects

Much like the Exodus update in March, which saw the launch of TRON’s test net, and the official release of Main Net in June, TRON has been characteristically prompt on achieving deadlines and following through with development outlines. TRON Virtual Machine, which Sun mentioned would accompany the release of the mysterious project news, first saw its alpha version launch on May 25th, just days ahead of Main Net. TVM, which the TRON Foundation has described as a “cornerstone of [the] TRON ecosystem,” will provide a protocol for user-friendly blockchain generation that will drive new coin creation on the TRON Main Net and paving the way for smart contracts (in addition to contributing to the TRX coin burn system).

TRON Virtual Machine (TVM), is a lightweight, Turing complete virtual machine developed for Tron’s ecosystem, aimed at providing millions of global developers with custom-built blockchain system which is efficient, convenient, stable, secure and scalable.

Speculation Over the ‘Secret Project’ Mounts

While Sun has been quiet on any hints surrounding the TRX-based secret project to be announced next week, there are a few avenues worth speculating. The most obvious concerns the high profile purchase of BitTorrent for $140 million by Justin Sun, a deal that started at the beginning of the year and was only finalized last month.

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While it’s possible Sun’s intends to keep the 170+ million BitTorrent user-base separate from TRON, it seems more likely that the outspoken founder will find a way to integrate the service onto Main Net. Monday’s reveal could be information on the merger of the two products, or at least the introduction of torrenting or torrenting-like features onto TRON’s recently established network. Keep in mind that Sun, the TRON Foundation and TRON whitepaper have outlined the currency as a technology to disrupt the modern entertainment industry. While the roots of such a claim are not in the malicious pirating of media, it could still find substance in the peer to peer file sharing function of torrenting, as well as providing immediate use for participants on TRON’s network.

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