Crowd Source or Complete Tasks With Bitcoin.coms Bounty Hunter Portal

Ever since the Bitcoin network was launched the online world of digital bounty hunting began to prosper significantly, allowing individuals the ability to scour the web for jobs that pay in cryptocurrency. Just recently revamped its portal, Bitcoin Bounty Hunter, a service that allows anyone to anonymously crowd source bounties to complete tasks. Armchair detectives and online bounty hunters can make a lot of money as the current bounty list has close to $400K in digital asset rewards available.

Bitcoin Bounties Enables Economic Prosperity from Remote Locations All Around the World

Bitcoin is an incredible technology that has not only revolutionized money but the protocol has also transformed many other facets of the worlds economy and the way we interact within the online world. The concept of cryptocurrency bounty hunting had naturally emerged almost immediately after Satoshi launched the peer-to-peer currency and thousands of individuals have completed tasks over the years in order to grow their coin reserves.

At the time of writing the listed bounties on Bitcoin Bounty Hunter add up to close to $400K USD worth of bitcoin rewards. is all about economic freedom and prosperity through free market capitalism, so weve launched our own bounty portal that allows anyone the ability to crowdsource bounties. Furthermore, highly skilled bounty hunters looking to complete online ventures can visit the Bitcoin Bounty Hunter page so they can earn a bunch of bitcoin cash.

Bitcoin Bounty Hunter: Close to $400K USD Worth of Cryptocurrencies Available Now

At the moment, Bitcoin Bounty Hunter has close to $400,000 USD worth of bitcoin cash (BCH) and bitcoin core (BTC) dispersed among six unsolved bounties. Some of the tasks include helping catch whoever is responsible for the missing 600,000 BTC from Mt Gox, find out who is responsible for the thousands of BTC stolen from Bitcoinica, help identify a Localbitcoins scammer named Pablo777 who stole 10 BTC from a trader, and a few more unsolved mysteries for online sleuths to solve.

Six bounties available today. All types of tasks can be crowd sourced likeproject building, design services, video work, writing tasks, software development, bug fixes, marketing needs, and really any undertaking you can think of that doesnt involve violence or harassment.

The bounties have full summaries of undertakings while also supplying important documents and clues. We originally started the bounty hunter page so we could help find the criminals who stole thousands of cryptocurrencies from innocent victims. But we have grown the service in order to include all kinds of tasks from within the crypto-community. If you have a task that you need accomplished take a minute and fill out the bounty request form.

Initiate All Types of Bounties or Help Complete Tasks in Order to Grow Your Coin Reserves

For instance, the types of bounties an individual or organization can initiate could include project building, design services, video work, writing tasks, software development, bug fixes, marketing needs, and really any undertaking that you are will to pay for with bitcoins. As mentioned above we allow bounties for a person who has committed a crime in which there is a victim, but we strictly prohibit any bounties involving violence or harassment.

Theres a lot of funds available for armchair detectives and online bounty hunters to complete already. Moreover, if a third party feels strongly about supporting a specific bounty they can anonymously contribute funds to the prize pool by donating to the associated bitcoin address tethered to each bounty.

So if you are in a position to fund tasks or you have the spare time to complete online bounties then you should check out our Bitcoin Bounty Hunter portal today!

What do you think about the Bitcoin Bounty Hunter page? Let us know your thoughts on this subject in the comment section below.

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