Nonprofit Eatbch Shows How Every Little Microtransaction Helps

Last April reported on the Bitcoin Cash-powered nonprofit organization Eatbch and since then the group has not only been feeding people in Venezuela, but has also expanded its outreach to help citizens in South Sudan. Eatbch continues its progress by helping those in need, and this past week during the BCH Stress Test Day they received over 3 BCH ($1,600+USD) in microtransactions.

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Eatbch Receives Over 2,000 Microtransactions Worth 3 BCH on Stress Test Day

The nonprofit Eatbch is definitely one of the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) communitys favorite charities. The reason for this is because the peer-to-peer electronic cash system is doing what many believe, it was intended to do Spread economic freedom, and help others in an un-censor-able fashion. When fees become a burden for a cryptocurrency payment network, they essentially neuter certain applications like microtransactions, and this type of fee market censors people in countries suffering from economic hardships. In contrast to a network with unreliable dynamic fees, the BCH chain has shown people that the chain can utilize microtransactions in a variety of ways. It happened this week during the BCH Stress Test Day when the nonprofit Eatbch received thousands of small transactions adding up to over 3 BCH worth of funds.

Feeding People in Venezuela

Eatbch has operations in Venezuela, and South Sudan by utilizing bitcoin cash to feed people in need. Both countries and the citizens are suffering from serious economic hardships and food, medicine, and basic supplies are hard to come by in the region for most people. Eatbch has three Twitter handles so people can follow them and see how they are helping people in need multiple times a week.

Eatbch Venezuela.

Eatbch Venezuelas page shows the group continues to feed families, mothers, elderly, children, and anyone in need of nourishment by using BCH donations sent in by the community. Back on August 26 when the region suffered from some earthquakes Eatbch Venezuela had some issues, but still managed to feed people.

Some of our locations couldnt do the meals this weekend due to the recent earthquakes, power outages, and closed stores, the group details.

But here are some pics of those that did could give away meals.

Feeding People in South Sudan
Eatbch South Sudan.

The Eatbch South Sudan is also helping a lot of families and people who are in need of basic nourishment. For instance, on August 28 the Eatbch South Sudan group published pictures of residents in Mahad and displaced people in a camp in Juba. That day the nonprofit said people received staples (maize flour, oil, beans) brought by youth in their community, purchased using bitcoin cash.

The day before on August 27 the group states:

Distribution of food bought with BCH donations in Mahad, an informal displaced persons camp in Juba housing over 3000 people displaced by conflict in (former) Jonglei. We distributed it to elderly women, who will share it in the community.

Both South Sudan and Venezuela have severe economic problems, underdeveloped infrastructure, and governments with horrible central planning. Bitcoin cash is showing that this technology can help people in a permissionless fashion and Eatbch is just one example of how cryptocurrencies and microtransactions can bolster economic freedom.

What do you think about the Eatbch project? What do you think about cryptocurrencies helping people in need? Let us know your thoughts on this subject in the comment section below.

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