Bitcoin ATM CEO: Cryptocurrency Needs Regulation to Survive

Bitcoin ATM CEO: Cryptocurrency Needs Regulation to Survive

In an exclusive interview with CCN, the CEO of the world’s largest Bitcoin ATM network took a hard stance against those who believe in a world where Bitcoin and its peers can survive unregulated.

Sheffield Clark, whose company — Coinsource — recently installed 17 new Bitcoin ATMs in Florida, stated that cryptocurrency is not a viable or realistic payment solution at this time, citing it as a major obstacle to be overcome for all in the space.

Clark pointed out that BTC’s best use case at the moment is that of a speculative investment or means of trading and investing in other virtual currencies, something he says is evident from the use of the Coinsource Bitcoin ATM network, which is often used to exchange cash for bitcoin, which is in turn invested in altcoins for speculative purposes.

The CEO pointed out that the “primary Bitcoin ATM customer” comes from the one-third of the world’s population which are unbanked, leaving them with no choice other than cash or bitcoin. While the speculation is good for traders, Clark states that the volatile and speculative nature of the space makes life difficult for those turning to cryptocurrency out of necessity.

Sheffield said that many of Coinsource’s customers use cash to purchase bitcoin so that they can trade for altcoins.

Like many of our recent interviewees, such as Coinbase UK CEO Zeeshan Feroz, Clark feels that more regulation is the solution to many of the problems in today’s crypto space. He lamented the lack of regulation and the lack of continuity between individual states and the federal government, comparing this to marijuana regulation in the U.S., which varies greatly from state to state.

This lack of regulation is a major problem in Clark’s eyes, and he doesn’t have much time for those who feel otherwise.

Clark stated that the other option for businesses is to simply operate without a bank account, leading to higher overhead costs and higher fees for consumers. Coinsource markets itself as having the lowest fees of any competitors, and Clark expressed disbelief over the fact that there are people buying bitcoin at markups as high as 25%, something which he feels will be curbed with a more defined regulatory framework.

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