Six New and Improved Cryptocurrency Analysis Tools

Blockchain explorers and cryptocurrency analysis sites just keep getting better. While Coinmarketcap (CMC) still dominates, these days it’s got stiff competition to contend with. Moreover, many of these platforms aren’t simply aspiring to be CMC knock-offs: they’re providing fresh tools for grasping the complexities of the ever-evolving cryptoconomy.

Cryptocurrency Tracker Sites Are Proliferating

It’s not just cryptocurrencies that are multiplying: so is the number of sites striving to keep track of them. We’ve previously profiled analytical sites that offer an alternative to Coinmarketcap, the runaway market leader. It is the bitcoin of price analysis platforms. Since then, several new contenders have emerged, each aiming to impact upon CMC’s market dominance and make a name for themselves. A number of alternative blockchain explorers and crypto monitoring sites have also upped their game, adding a string of new features, as the following roundup shows.


Blockchair was already an excellent BCH, BTC, ETH, and LTC explorer which we bigged up back in July. It’s since expanded, adding an Omni layer protocol for keeping tabs on Tether transactions, and a Wormhole layer for monitoring activity on the new Bitcoin Cash token and smart contract protocol. As if that wasn’t enough, Blockchair has added the ability to generate printable receipts for BCH, BTC, and LTC transactions. Simply navigate to your transaction using the blockchain explorer and click “PDF receipt”.

BCH receipts generated using Blockchair.

Onchainfx needs no introduction, but its latest tool does. A few weeks back, it added a Breakeven Multiple column, showing how many times your altbag needs to double to reach its previous all-time high. In the case of Zclassic, 70x is what it takes for bagholders who bought at the ATH to break even. Its latest addition is more elaborate however, and infinitely more useful. It’s now possible to mark fundamental events on charts using Onchainfx, allowing observers to correlate market movements with actions. If you’re angling to understand why an asset mooned or dumped, from mining reward halvings to chain splits, Onchainfx’ new feature aims to capture it all.

Cryptocurrencies filtered by highest breakeven multiple.
NFT Marketcap

Nftmarketcap.co is a Coinmarketcap for non-fungible tokens. Having only launched this week, it’s still rudimentary, but has the potential to evolve into something greater. Meanwhile, anyone interested in checking up on the status of their favorite ERC721 marketplace should head to Nonfungible.com, which enables tracking and trading of everything from Decentraland to Cryptokitties. Statistics detail the amount of tokens traded over the past 24 hours, their average value, and the number of active users.

Blockmodo and Coinratecap

For anyone seeking a Coinmarketcap with added features, Blockmodo and Coinratecap both have their merits. Blockmodo adds in social, video, and community data, providing a more holistic picture of how the markets are performing and why. Coinratecap, meanwhile, provides real-time price updates and also adds a handy list of the top 100 crypto exchanges.

Satoshi Pulse
Satoshi Pulse

Finally, Bitcoin.com’s very own cryptocurrency tracker service, Satoshi Pulse, is a prettier Coinmarketcap with a Bitcoin Cash slant. Its charts are particularly nice for anyone seeking a crisp and clean means of viewing current or historical market data.

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