Why “Invisible Security” Is the Solution to Secure Data Sharing

Why “Invisible Security” Is the Solution to Secure Data Sharing

When it comes to keeping our data safe, sometimes we are our own worst enemy. That’s because it’s human nature to seek simple solutions. And let’s face it; right now data security just isn’t that simple.

Every day millions of people share photos, videos, personal and financial details about their lives without any thought to where that data could potentially end up. Despite all the news about massive data breaches, most people don’t change their data security behavior. We think that’s because, for the average person, data security processes are just too complicated.

Average Internet users don’t think about things like ‘cryptography’, ‘encryption’ or zero-knowledge storage.’ They think in terms of simple needs. “Can I safely send this money?” “Are my photos private?” “Is my password safe?”

They want the simple answer to be “Yes.” They don’t really need to know how, and they don’t want to do much to make it happen.

That’s where Cryptelo comes in. We bring “invisible security” to everyday data sharing.  We know people won’t go through a complex 8-layer security protocol. Simplicity is the only path to data security.

Simplicity is also why Cryptelo is focused on empowering developers. Cryptelo Platform is an easy-to-implement open protocol platform for developers, so they can enable top security standards without deep knowledge of encryption. We help developers bring “invisible security” to their customers by providing back-end, high-security solutions. So developers can focus on the application, the user interface and client experience. We take care of the security layer that can be easily integrated into new applications.

Everyone loves a simple solution. Cryptelo’s vision is to bring invisible security to all.

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