Start Mar 01, 2018
End Sep 15, 2018


Profede is a blockchain-based initiative aiming to create a transparent ecosystem for professionals where tokens are earned for the exchange of data on recruitment and social selling platforms. This decentralized platform uses a blockchain based protocol and will tap into the $1 billion professional market. Furthermore, giving more control to businesses that are searching for professionals and ensuring professionals are rewarded for their personal information.

Tokens generation cap

6,000,000,000 PATO

Token distribution

50% ICO

40% Long term budget

10% Advisors and Team

Tokens exchange

1 PATO = $0.01


50% March

40% April

30% May

Expect to raise

Soft Cap: $1,500,000

Hard Cap: $20,000,000

Differences from competitors

'We are the only decentralized protocol that can be immersed in to big data professional networking apps.'

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