New Qart Wallet Gives Bitcoin Cash QR Codes a Personal Touch

There’s a new bitcoin cash wallet under construction called Qart, a light client that provides the ability to create human-recognizable QR codes using any image. The wallet is currently available for Android devices in its beta phase, but users can experiment with the application before the official launch.

Qart Personalizes QR Codes for Bitcoin Cash

New Qart Wallet Gives Bitcoin Cash QR Codes a Personal TouchKim Jinyrul is a developer from South Korea who recently published the beta version of a new bitcoin cash (BCH) wallet that offers the ability to modify address QR codes. Jinyrul thinks that QR code technology used in traditional cryptocurrency wallets needs to change so they become more recognizable and personal to the owner. Qart wallet was created to offer this feature to bitcoin cash users and the platform’s addresses can be tied to a customized QR code with a picture of anything the user desires. In a recent interview with the blogger Jared Schlar, the Qart wallet developer explained that the idea was conceived so people can recognize which wallet is theirs by identifying the pictures attached to them.

“As you know, a person can not see any information by just looking at a QR code. I thought it would be more interesting and meaningful to share QR if it could show the personality of the owner,” Jinyrul detailed in his interview with Schlar.

The main account and settings section on Qart wallet.
Experimenting With Qart’s Beta Software

After reading about the Qart wallet, news.Bitcoin.com decided to test the BCH client and made a few custom and recognizable QR codes. The wallet is currently available on the Google Play store for Android mobile devices and tablets, but the Google store warns the app is “unreleased.” This means the platform is still in its beta phase, but can still be downloaded and tested. After opening the platform, the user must agree to a disclaimer. The statement explains the wallet needs to be backed up as it is a non-custodial client and also details the app is still in its nascent stages.

The wallet then creates a BCH wallet, which takes about 30 seconds, and the user is granted access to the first account. Like many other wallets out there, the Qart client syncs with the Bitcoin Cash chain in order to identify transactions. This process took about eight minutes to complete and subsequently less time after the first connection. The Qart wallet is very simple looking and akin to other BCH wallets like the Handcash and Cashpay platforms.

After backing up the seed phrase and observing the main account, there is a little editor pencil on the top right-hand side of the screen. This pencil tab allows you to create a custom QR code for any address on the wallet and many different addresses can be generated. At first, the wallet supplies the address with a generic bitcoin cash QR code, which can also be tethered to the wallet’s addresses. If the user wants to upload a custom image, they simply press the editor pencil and upload a fresh picture. The Qart wallet needs permission to access device files and the camera in order to execute this process.

Experimenting with Qart’s beta wallet and creating a few customized QR codes.
BCH Developers Are Using Handles and Recognizable QR Codes to Entice the Masses

Pictures can be cropped and the amount of QR code pixels can be chosen as well for a variety of different looks. After saving the custom QR codes, the user can share them online through the wallet or save the image for another use case. After making a few Banksy-esque QR codes, the images were tested with the Bitcoin.com Wallet and the codes scanned without error.

There’s been a lot of innovation in this regard, with BCH wallets using unique ways to make the software more friendly to mainstream users. Many of these concepts are using handles or names tied to a wallet’s protocol instead of using long alphanumeric addresses. Human recognizable QR codes definitely add a personal touch and provide a unique way of identifying BCH addresses.

What do you think about the Qart wallet? Let us know what you think about this subject in the comments section below.

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