Google’s Ad Ban a Good Thing for Top Cryptocurrencies

Google’s Ad Ban a Good Thing for Top Cryptocurrencies

The markets reacted very badly to Google’s announcement that it was going to ban all cryptocurrency advertising. Over $60 billion was shed in less than 24 hours and most altcoins lost over 20% of their value. Panic selling still gripped a large number of inexperienced traders and the markets suffered as a result.  The internet giant’s decision may not be all that bad though, at least for the top cryptocurrencies.

It is pretty obvious why central banks and governments want to control and regulate cryptocurrencies. But when advertising driven internet monopolies decide to crack down on them one has to question their motives. Google’s announcement comes a couple of months after Facebook decided to axe all ICO advertising. A bizarre move as the social network still allows rogue accounts to disseminate crypto spam, scams and clickbait among countless crypto groups which are full of this dross.

Top Cryptos Will Benefit

According to Forbes the top cryptos such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin are so well known that they don’t need advertising. Craig Cole from CryptoMaps told the news outlet;

“While this isn’t the best news, it could be a good thing for cryptocurrency. The ban will help solidify the market and weed out scam coins and illegitimate actors looking to get rich quick, providing stability. This ban doesn’t mean that cryptocurrency is going away. I believe it will ultimately strengthen it.”

With all of the scams and ‘shitcoins’ being weeded out, the overall supply of genuine good tokens will be limited which should have a positive effect on their prices. According to Coinmarketcap there are currently over 1560 cryptocurrencies, and these are just the ones that the website lists.

Crypto Media Booming

The surge in interest in cryptocurrencies has spawned a new online media sector with crypto news websites sprouting up quicker than new coins are. The more professional of these players are likely to be the ones to benefit from the web monopolies banning ads. That revenue will be channeled into smaller outfits and startups more deserving of it than likes of all consuming portals such as Facebook and Google. This will create a more diverse online ecosystem of crypto news and information for investors and traders.

Crypto warlord John McAfee remained positive about long term investments when replying to a message of concern, but was not too confident for those investing or trading in the short term.

Google’s ban is not set to start for another four months, and that is a long time in crypto land. Cryptocurrencies still need time to gain acceptance from users, and build defenses from cyber criminals, mainstream media FUD, internet monopolies, repressive governments, and billionaire bankers.

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