Accessing the Closed off Industry with the Help of Blockchain and Smart Contracts

Accessing the Closed off Industry with the Help of Blockchain and Smart Contracts

Investing for future, whether it is to save for retirement or university fees for your child, is without a doubt a good idea. The major problem is navigating the sea, or better said, ocean, of investment firms, boutiques, and agencies who promise you the world, but, in the end, deliver very little except extortionate fees. You could, of course, turn to a mutual fund that will attempt to tailor your investment goals to the available investment strategies. However, once again you risk facing rather large fees which then eat into your underlying returns. At the same time, the ability to invest into other more highly specialized products, such as those offered by hedge funds, Private Equity (PE), and Venture Capital (VC), has been off-limits to many.

The team behind DarcMatter, which has already been operating for a number of years, †is now looking to combine the power of blockchain and smart contracts to create a fully operational global platform. This service will allow investors all around the world to access the alternative fund asset class in a transparent and secure fashion. Of course, this sounds like a great idea, but several questions jump to mind: does the team have the expertise to pull this off? Do they have the blockchain experience to create a token that will match the ambitions of the core team? And finally, why move into the blockchain world if their operations have been so successful?

But you neednít worry; the team and product are first-class. The CEO is an investment banker with BNP Paribas and WestLB, has executed $10.0 Bn+ in private placement transactions and has experience on advisory boards. He is also the winner of leading entrepreneurship awards, such as Under30CEO, 30 under 30, and GOOD100, and contributes to Forbes, Huffington Post, and TheStreet. The resume of the CTO is no less impressive. He has over 14 years of software development experience and has had senior lead roles at companies including Estee Lauder and AdvisoryWorld Financial Technology. His skills are diverse, ranging from financial institution integration with SWIFT, to web development with European banks. His academic pedigree is as impressive, having received a Masters degree in Computer Science at age 20. †With these two leaders heading up an award-winning team, top-caliber investors, as well as advisor, and the fact the product has been awarded the Top FinTech platform from over 4 countries, you know youíre in good hands.

DarcMatter Coin (DMC) will be used for a permissioned blockchain and will use systems that run natively on the NEM blockchain. DMC will be utilized to unlock and consummate the smart contracts for the investment completion through the DM Decentralized Infrastructure. By implementing blockchain and smart contracts in the alternative fund industry, the platform will enable various functionalities, such as seamless cross-border investment capabilities, documentation tracking for multi-consensus and logging, as well as additional asset classes being seamlessly distributed through the entire investor vertical. As a guide, the public sale is due to begin on May 7th, 2018 and the tier 1 private presale is sold out.

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