Bitcoin Cash Association to Fund Eatbch Charity in $1,000 BCH per Month

On Oct. 24, the community-driven Bitcoin Cash Association announced a new initiative where $1,000 worth of bitcoin cash will be sent to the two Eatbch campaigns in Venezuela and South Sudan every month. According to the nonprofit, the $1,000 will be divided between both organizations in order to help the Eatbch crew provide a solid foundation of generosity.

The BCA Organization Will Donate $1K per Month in BCH

Bitcoin Cash Association to Fund Eatbch Charity in $1,000 BCH per MonthThe Bitcoin Cash Association (BCA) has announced the organization will begin funding the Eatbch charities every month. There are two Eatbch-associated groups helping the citizens of Venezuela and South Sudan acquire food by using the proceeds from bitcoin cash donations. Since the project’s inception, the effort has grown from one country to two. Multiple times a week, men, women and children are given nourishment from the Eatbch team. BCA says they are in “close contact” with the Eatbch project and the organization says they are aware of the financial hardships the organizers face.

“Starting now the BCA will support the EatBCH initiative with $1,000 per month in funding to go towards helping feed people that are most in need — The $1,000 will be split evenly between the Venezuelan and South Sudanese parts of the project,” the BCA announcement details.

The BCA team continues:   

We hope that this funding can provide a solid foundation that they can rely on. This will also have a direct impact on adoption in these areas, especially as the projects develop further relationships with suppliers that accept BCH as payment, and therefore aligns fully with our goal of global adoption.        

Eatbch Venezuela.
A Financial Records Plugin and Other BCA Initiatives  

The BCA is also asking other major players within the BCH community to help match this initiative. Alongside the request, the nonprofit details that it will “happily connect” any company with the Eatbch organization. Additionally, the BCA states they are looking into a plugin for the Electron Cash wallet that will help the Eatbch administrators with its financial records. The BCA team states that the plugin will be open source and anyone is free to use the software.

Eatbch South Sudan.

So far, the BCA team says the organization has been supporting a bunch of other BCH projects as well including helping 110 BCH meetups in over 40 countries. The nonprofit has also funded BCH advertising and has been spreading adoption in countries like Venezuela, Colombia, and Mexico. Funding the Eatbch project in South Sudan and Venezuela for $500 worth of BCH per month apiece goes a long way in these countries suffering from economic hardships.

What do you think about the BCA nonprofit funding Eatbch for $1,000 a month in bitcoin cash? Let us know what you think about this effort in the comments section below.

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