Bitcoin Cash Price Finally Tops $1,000 – Bullish Sentiment Upon Positive Crypto-News

Bitcoin Cash Price Finally Tops $1,000 – Bullish Sentiment Upon Positive Crypto-News

Source: coinmarketcap

The passed hurdle might have secured opened-doors for more gain in the upcoming days and a slight boost in the holders confidence.

Being a hard fork of the very famous leader of the crypto-list Bitcoin [by marketcapitalizaion] the success/chance just piled up. Despite being very prominent, the technology itself is way far from entering mainstream adoption, but there are many that are working on creating solutions for users and improving the platforms in many ways, for example scaling and so on.

Part of them are Lorien Gamaroff and Angus Brown – cofounders of Centbee, who are targeting to facilitate digital currency payments global-scale transfers.

Centbee is a Bitcoin Cash payment company founded in 2016, and helps users “Set their money free”.

“We provide an intuitive Bitcoin Cash mobile wallet to send and receive Bitcoin Cash easily to friends and family, and to spend at real-world merchants,” said Brown.

“Currently, few merchants accept Bitcoin, and we believe that we can provide simple and reliable interfaces to allow any merchant to receive payment – settled daily into their bank account in fiat currency.”

One of the plans accordingly with their roadmap is developing and releasing a mobile wallet for Bitcoin cash which is [as explained] easy-to-use and secure. The payment ecosystem for the Centbee wallet will allow users to easily access cryptocurrency and transfer it between one another, he said.

On the other side – The Tokyo based firm, Mikan, has announced the beta-launch of a Bitcoin Cash wallet called Yenom which will be released in late March. The Yenom BCH wallet has officially started its pre-registration, and the company plans to invite users to test the beta platform. It will be out for IOS and Android users while being BCH only wallet.

The positive energy which is flowing today around the crypto-community is hoisted up, at some degree, by the positive talk about cryptocurrencies by the US Congress – as reported by our team earlier.

The 2018 Joint Economic Report, an assessment of the nation’s economic status and recommendations for the upcoming year, included an entire section dedicated to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. This is the first time the blockchain technology was mentioned in such a substantial way in the annual publication.

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