Post-Cable Network Cheddar Launches TV Show ‘Crypto Craze’

Post-Cable Network Cheddar Launches TV Show ‘Crypto Craze’

On March 15 the post-cable network Cheddar announced it will be broadcasting a thirty-minute show about cryptocurrencies called ‘Crypto Craze.’ The show will explore investment strategies for digital assets like bitcoin, litecoin, and ethereum.

Online Stock Brokerage Firm Sponsors a TV Show Called Crypto Craze

The online trading platform that offers custom equities, options and bitcoin futures, Tradestation, has announced they are sponsoring a new television show about cryptocurrencies. The show called ‘Crypto Craze’ will air every Thursday morning between 10:30 am to 11:00 am ET from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. Tradestation and the cable network Cheddar believe the prices of digital assets like bitcoin and ethereum have attracted a lot of interest. The new ‘Crypto Craze’ broadcast hopes to entice millennial investors who represent a good portion of Cheddars target audience.

Were excited to sponsor Cheddars new Crypto Craze show, explained John Bartleman, President of Tradestation during the announcement. Tradestation has been at the forefront in offering our customers the ability to trade Bitcoin futures on the CFE and CME exchanges.

Cheddar CEO Says Crypto Craze Will Cut Through the Noise

Besides cryptocurrency analysis and investment talk, the show will also dive into the realm of initial coin offerings (ICOs), mining, and the regulatory climate. ’Crypto Craze’ will examine all things crypto, the shows creators state. The show will be Tradestations second broadcast as they also sponsor ‘The Long and the Short’ a show about stock trading.

The Crypto Craze is real and its here to stay, explains Jon Steinberg, founder, and CEO of the cable network. “Cheddars new show will give viewers real-time metrics with in-depth analysis of cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, regulation and initial coin offerings.”

It wont be the old guard telling you about a phenomenon they dont understand. The Crypto Craze cuts through the noise and tells you what matters in the world of cryptocurrency.

Other shows on the financial news network Cheddar feature politics, cannabis, technology, and business. The network has broadcasts daily from the NYSE floor, Nasdaq, and the White House in Washington DC. According to the company the network garnered 148 million views in August of 2017 across all its platforms.

What do you think about a show that covers 30 minutes of trading analysis and news on television? Let us know what you think about this show in the comments below.

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