Emerging Cloud Server Cryptocurrency Mining Service Splitt Experiences Rapid Growth, Attracts Ten Thousand Investors in Less than Three Months

Recently launched cloud server cryptocurrency mining service, Splitt is now making the heads turn in the global crypto community. Designed to make cryptocurrency mining user-friendly and safe for all, Splitt has secured an investment of well over $5 million from more than ten thousand investors over the last three months.

November 10, 2018

Splitt, a recently launched cryptocurrency mining service equipped with a cloud server, is now taking giant strides towards becoming a highly preferred choice amongst the crypt mining enthusiasts around the world. Following its mega launch in August, Splitt has done well to secure close to one hundred thousand users and ten thousand investors in less than three months. Official sources have revealed that the company has already received an investment of more than five million for further development of the business.

As a result of drastic increase in the number of miners, bitcoin mining has become extremely competitive these days. Along with this growing competition, the bitcoin network has increased the difficulty level of solving the puzzles. As a result, it has become necessary now for the miners to up their game to stay in the race.

The crypto cloud of Splitt meets these challenges by offering mining services with ASIC integrated chips. This is considered to be the latest breakthrough in crypto mining because it is faster compared to the traditional GPU and CPU mining, and consumes less power. Splitt cloud mining requires no specialized hardware as it utilizes shared processing power from data centres.

Thousands of users have recommended Splitt as their crypto mining alternative because of the following features.

Flexible multi-algorithm cloud mining
No pool fees, no waiting for equipment and no system crashes
Hashpower is purchased and is retained for the whole contract duration.
Dedicated to transparency and discloses everything to the public
The company can be located easily and its representatives attend a number of events regularly
Mining a number of different cryptocurrencies from scrypt and proof of work algorithm coins as well as ASIC and GPU mining
Three-tier affiliate program and a lucrative bonus system

All Splitt users also have the opportunity to boost their mining contracts every week by winning Splitt Points. Moreover, the company is currently looking for a name for their Mascot and the winner coming up with the same will receive one thousand Splitt Points.

As part of the companys global expansion plan, Splitt has recently opened a fully operational office in Thailand. The office is headed by Certified Bitcoin Professional Mr. Taradon Kriwichet, who is available alongside his team on a daily basis to help the visitors. Interestingly, a high percentage of investors that have contributed to Splitt are from Thailand. Investors from Ghana, Italy, Germany, and Russia have also contributed generously.

We are happy to let you know that we have received an investment of more than $5 Million to grow our business. We have been unstoppable in the recent months, with more than 95k users and 10k investors, said a senior spokesperson from Splitt. Now, we also have a fully operational office in Thailand and much more is expected in the near future.

As a rapidly growing industry player, Splitt takes part in a number crypto conferences and forums all over the world. In the recent months, the company actively participated in three key industry events and the next one is coming up soon. In October, Splitt representatives conducted a successful workshop and networking conference in Ghana.

Splitt has an ambitious future plan that includes opening a Splitt Cafe in Thailand in January, 2019. To cater a rapidly expanding pool of users, the company has recently fine-tuned their web presence. The Facebook Fan page of Splitt has also been rebranded. More latest news and updates about Splitt is available at https://splitt.co/en/news

Mentioned below are the upcoming summits to be attended by Splitt

Ghana Summit No. 2 24 November 2018 Miklin Hotel Conference Room (Contact John Kaakyire 0249791008)
star2 Italys First-Ever Summit (with special Italian translator for Speaker CBP Taradon) 01 December 2018 Savoy Excelsior Palace Hotel Contact Mr. Alex Vicini 3296752612)
star2 Thailand Summit No. 4 16 December 2018 Viva Garden Hotel (Contact Mr. Taradon Kriwichet https://t.me/splittchat_th)

To stay up-to-date with all latest developments, Splitt users are encouraged to subscribe to the companys Telegram Group at https://t.me/splittchat_en

The company requests all their customers to take part in an event survey by visiting the link https://splitt.co/en/forms/eventsurvey

To find out more about Splitt, please visit https://splitt.co/en/

About Splitt: Splitt offers a user-friendly alternative to cryptocurrency mining from home at any time. It is suitable for amateurs as well as cryptocurrency experts working on a larger scale. The cloud mining service offers a fresh alternative to traditional means of cryptocurrency mining. The companys priority is to offer a standardized, highly reliable, and high-performance cloud computing environment in all of the fifteen cities they serve at present.

Contact: Gerald Snief

Email: [email protected]

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