Financial Analyst: Bitcoin Mid-Term Target at $28,000 Still in Play

Financial Analyst: Bitcoin Mid-Term Target at $28,000 Still in Play

The Bitcoin price is on everybodys mind as of right now. With the current trend remaining bearish, the outlook is not all that positive. If Ronnie Moas is to be believed, however, things will turn out just fine. His $28,000 target by mid-2018 still holds up, by the look of things. A rather bullish sentiment in this sea of negativity.

Ronnie Moas Remains Bullish

Not too long ago, Ronnie Moas made an intriguing Bitcoin price prediction. In his opinion, the worlds biggest cryptocurrency will hit $28,000 in the near future. This may happen as soon as mid-2018, which is almost upon us. A lot will need to change before this situation will change for the better, though. Right now, things are not looking all that great whatsoever.

As one would expect, the Bitcoin price has stumbled throughout 2018. With the value dropped as low as nearly $7,000 last week a worrisome trend has emerged. The bears are bringing down the Bitcoin price like they do every single year. In most cases, the Bitcoin price will rebound in a strong fashion. Whether or not this will be the same in 2018, remains to be determined at this stage.

Ronnie Moas is not too concerned about what is happening right now. In fact, he considers the uptrend to emerge pretty soon. Technical analysts are putting up major sell signals, which seems destined to shake out the weak hands in the coming days and weeks. Most people who invest in Bitcoin dont have the stomach for these volatile price swings, especially if things head south.

The Next Three Months may be Crucial

Even though most speculators dont care about technical Bitcoin developments, they will impact the price pretty soon. With scaling becoming less of an issue, things are heading in the right direction.It is evident for everyone to see how the Bitcoin price is being manipulated. Ronnie Moas confirms as much, and he is seemingly enjoying the show.

In the Tweet above, it becomes evident he is effectively buying more Bitcoin at the current prices to keep stocking up. This seems to indicate a lot of money can be made with BTC in the coming weeks and months. Those looking for the uber gains, however, are holding Bitcoin long-term. The best is yet to come for Bitcoin, and Ronnie Moas is buckling up for the ride as we speak.

For now, the BTC price remains at a crucial pivot. If this current uptrend crumbles, hitting $7,000 is not out of the question. Assuming the uptrend is legitimate, things will only improve from here on out. It is a matter of time until the prediction by Ronnie Moas either comes true or goes up in flame. No one minds a BTC value of $28,000, especially not given the current price.

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