Auctus Review: Blockchain Pension Funds

The problems of centralized pension funds are too obvious to explain frauds, inconveniences, low interest rates, high commission and unfavorable deposit conditions. Auctus is a new decentralized system that is going to offer the solution to all current problems experienced by conventional pension funds.


Auctus team is going to upgrade the far from perfection pension industry by integrating into it the blockchain tech. Users will be finally able to get the strong financial retirement plants that are fully transparent. Retirees will know for sure how much money they will get during their retirement, without any hidden fees and unnecessary payments while they are still working.

All rules of the Auctus pension fund will be safely encoded by means of smart contracts. Such approach will surely ensure regulation and compilation of each plan. The blockchain in this case acts like an intermediary, with decreased costs. Retirees will be able to receive low fees and higher returns on their investments in pension funds.

Key features:

  • The ability to monitor your retirement plan in real time;
  • No hidden payments;
  • Quicker process for getting your benefits;
  • Scalable and flexible transactions and plans;
  • Fair and transparent operation;
  • Retirement plans can be both compliant and auditable.

The highly experienced team is going to release the demo of Auctus platform by the end of 2018.

Presale and ICO

The major token of Auctus is called AUC. With fixed emission. The presale has already passed in the end of 2017. Since the end of March 2018 the projects launches the public crowdsale during which the team plans to raise 20 million USD. You can buy tokens with fixed price: 1 ETH = 2000 AUC.

Useful info:

Read more about the Auctus projects goals, roadmap and support on social media:
Official website
Facebook (1800 followers)
Twitter (over 5000 followers)
ANN thread
Telegram (over 5000 followers)
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