CryptoKami Review: Another Third-Gen Blockchain?

So many ICO and blockchain based projects these days struggle to get over the cryptoworld by claiming to be the long-expected third-generation of blockchain. Is CryptoKami going to be successful in this desire to beat BTC and ETH?


To cut the long story short, CryptoKami (further CK) intends to become a powerful decentralized reserve platform. The team wants to create a sort of Ethereum blockchain that can be freely applied by the third parties. System will join the structure of Vitalik Buterin DAICO and their own self-growing engine KAICO. One of the most respected in the industry developers Hiroshi Kobayashi leads the project.

CKs core team is based in Cyprus and Japan. The community is rather vast and all team members are experienced enough to work with blockchain of the new generation. However, the development is kept in secret in order to avoid theft of new intellectual property created by CK team.

Main features

This reserve platform will work like Ethereum. But, it can be applied only third parties like financial organizations intending to start ICOs and work with the open-source system. Such integration and transparent work will be provided by the super-safe blockchain and own KAMI tokens offered by CK.

There are multiple elements of the CK system including their own central bank for regulating KAMI and the third-generation infrastructure working in a similar way that smart contracts.

The financial tools offered for the third parties by CK:

  • Repo loans;
  • Deposits;
  • Payments with fiat money;
  • Cross-chain trading and payment.

Other users can invest in this project, trade its coins and do cross-chain exchanges in a quick way. CK will operate as an open-source system but works a bit differently than Blue-Chip exchanges (XRP, BTC, Cardano, XLR, etc).

Presale and ICO

After the private presale CK launched the public presale stage with the use of own tokens KAMI. These are the regulated coins with the brand new compulsory Reserve Mechanism (automated algorithm developed by the team from scratch). It is expected the massive demand for these tokens after the end of ICO, so it will be more than reasonable to hurry up and buy them while public presale is still going. All stages of CK sales will last till the end of May, 2018.

During public presale the team is going to sell over 10 million KAMI, with the fixed price 1 ETH = 800 KAMI or 1 BTC = 11,000 KAMI. Early investors can receive the bonus equal to 20 KAMI. Minimal investment is 0.3 ETH/0.023 BTC.

It is possible to buy and store KAMI tokens in the following wallets online-wallets on the official website; desktop wallets (Mac, Linux and Windows); mobile wallets after installing the platforms apps iOS and Android.

Useful info:

You can read more facts about the project CK online and on social media:
Official website
Official blog
Facebook (4700 followers)
Twitter (35700 followers)
Youtube (2400 followers)
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