Invox Finance Review: Fully Transparent Invoices

The major problem with centralized invoices is that receiver is obliged to rely fully on the seller's information. It means that their business relationship will never be completely transparent. InvoxFinance is going to fix this situation by offering a p2p system based on Ethereum blockchain.


The Australian project Invox offers the system that allows using decentralized invoices even without knowing anything about cryptocurrencies and blockchain. The user-friendly interface of the platform will support transactions in all major fiat money.

The main advantages of Invox include decentralization allowing buyers and sellers communicate transparently and directly. Also the sellers will get lower costs and lower rated funding as well. Invox also offers the system of dynamic invoices with the updates in real time.

Key features of Invox Finance:

  • A built-in systems of rewards for users;
  • Fully decentralized platform;
  • Extended invoice payment periods;
  • Selling invoices for acceleration of the cash flow;
  • Higher ROI;

There is no any service provider on Invox website. It is managed by the transparent rules on a distributed ledger like DAOs do.

Presale and ICO

Invox are the major currency of the whole platform. For example, Invox coins can be applied for rewarding the most active users (reward after verification and rewards for buyers/sellers after the invoices payment).

You can participate in public crowdsale lasting till May 14, 2018. The rate is 1 INVOX = 0.0001 ETH. Hard cap: 20,000 ETH. Total volume of Invox tokens: 484 million.

Useful info:

Find out more about InvoxFinance project here:
Official website
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