Find Real BTC Rewards Roaming 3,000 Levels in New Japanese Mobile Game

Find Real BTC Rewards Roaming 3,000 Levels in New Japanese Mobile Game

There’s a new Japanese Android and iOS game called Itadaki Dungeon that allows players to earn small micro-bits of BTC while venturing through 3,000 underground levels. The free game is a 2D course filled with weapons, special items, and cryptocurrency treasure.

The 2D Mobile Game Itadaki Dungeon’s mBTC Incentives

The company Atstage Inc. has recently launched a 2D video game called, Itadaki Dungeon, which allows players to earn bitcoin while trying to beat roughly 3,000 courses. The levels feature a dungeon-type of atmosphere where players can use a sword, hammer, or gun to attack starving monsters waiting to harm them. While perusing through the medieval landscape, little bitcoins appear, and characters can snatch the coins up and add it to their collected items. Each bitcoin-treasure contains a small amount of mBTC, and Itadaki Dungeon players can try and gather as much as they can while playing the game.

The 2D mobile game Itadaki Dungeon has 3,000 courses.

The game has a 4.1 rating on the Google Play and iOS app store and has some decent reviews on the platform alongside positive reviews on other forums. For players familiar with the games “Itadaki Street” and “Dragon Quest” the entertainment is quite similar.

“Test your skills in an expansive dungeon with 3000 underground levels,” explains the Atstage Inc. developers.

The courses are simple with flat, one-lane paths that you can rush through on your way to the stairway to the next underground level.

The game’s latest update fixes bitcoin rewards on the 400th course.
The Japanese Dungeon Game Follows Other Video Games Incorporating Crypto-Rewards

The Atstage creation Itadaki Dungeon follows other video games and fun mobile apps that offer cryptocurrency rewards. For instance, there is the game Bitcoinbandit a mobile phone game that allows players to earn mBTC. Coins are collected in the tournament mode within the game, and top-ranking players can earn additional mBTC payments. The game Counterstrike Global Offense (CS: GO) offers virtual currency rewards in Digibyte. While other altcoin networks like the game Spells of Genesis has integrated cryptocurrency rewards as well. Pok?bits is a Pok?mon RPG browser game that adds a BTC faucet to the gaming experience. Players compete in missions throughout well known Pok?mon arenas while earning satoshis.

After obtaining a little BTC symbol on screen, the interface will tell you how many mBTCs the treasure is worth.

Just like the other games, Itadaki Dungeon will attempt to attract players with mBTC rewards. The game is free, but don’t expect to be a ‘bitcoin-millionaire’ overnight playing the Japanese mobile game, as the game’s reviews say you got to play a lot of courses to earn small fractions of mBTC.  

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