The Daily: Trust Wallet Adds BCH, 35,000 Merchants Get Access to Crypto Payments

In today’s edition of The Daily we cover an ethereum wallet that’s added support for bitcoin cash, a deal that grants access to accepting payments in cryptocurrency to over 35,000 merchants, and the latest advancement in cross-chain atomic swaps.

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Trust Wallet Adds Bitcoin Cash

The Daily: Trust Wallet Adds BCH, 35,000 Merchants Get Access to Crypto PaymentsTrust Wallet, a mobile wallet for ethereum and ERC20 tokens, has announced it has added support for bitcoin cash (BCH) on Android and iOS in the latest update of the app. In addition to BCH, the service has also added support for native segwit compatible LTC and BTC wallets.

“As some of you probably have noticed over the past month, Trust Wallet is becoming much more than a simple ethereum and ERC20 wallet. Since our inception around a year ago, Trust has grown to support more than 10 native blockchains, including their native tokens,” the team stated. “We would like Trust Wallet to become your one stop solution for interacting with this new decentralized world, so going forward we will be adding more coins and features to enable our users to fully embrace the seamless experience of having all your tokens, collectibles, dapps and more in one place.”

35,000 Merchants Get Access to Crypto Payments

Utrust, the Zug-headquartered cryptocurrency payments gateway solution, has announced a new integration with Quid Systems’ point of sale (POS) product. Over 35,000 merchants will be able to use the platform in order to accept cryptocurrency as a means of payment through this feature.

Quid POS enables transactions between merchants and customers through a proprietary cash register. “For Utrust merchants, Quid POS offers something unique in the point of sale space – transparent transactions utilizing a currency conversion cash register with an affinity for cryptocurrency payments,” said Utrust CEO Nuno Correia. “We speak the same language of trust and this partnership expands both our missions to make cryptocurrency payments accepted universally.”

Atomic Swaps Take Another Leap

Atomic cross-chain swaps are a method for converting or exchanging one cryptocurrency to another without using a centralized exchange or a trusted third party. Qtum, a project meant to combine the Bitcoin Core protocol with Ethereum technology, has now demonstrated atomic swaps within its mainnet, a process that will allow users to swap QTUM for BTC.

“The feature of not having a third party dependency and atomicity is consistent with basic principles of Bitcoin, so the future of atomic cross-chain swaps are favored by the market,” explained the team. “Many mainstream cryptocurrencies have realized atomic cross-chain swap and released their codes. As the cryptocurrency technologies and markets mature, atomic cross-chain swaps will have more application scenarios. For example, cross-chain exchanges of large amount of cryptocurrencies can be completed on the blockchain using this technology, without the need of centralized exchanges which will charge a large amount of fees.”

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