6 Philanthropic Projects That Accept Cryptocurrency

Much of the growing interest in bitcoin and other digital currencies has been focused on individual financial gain and buying lambos. For those who would rather utilize their digital assets to effect positive change in the world, however, there is also the ability to donate to charity using crypto. The following philanthropic projects all accept cryptocurrency donations. 

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Non-Profit Crypto Donations

6 Philanthropic Projects That Accept Cryptocurrency

Given the enormous wealth creation from cryptocurrencies, it only seems right that some of those who got involved early, and were rewarded accordingly, should have a way to pay it back to those less fortunate. There are numerous global organizations accepting crypto donations and using them to make a positive impact. Developing economies have been opening up to cryptocurrencies and many charities have been trialing bitcoin donations.

There are a number of reasons why making aid and humanitarian cryptocurrency transfers is attractive for charities. For example, the speed of delivery and transparency of aid money as it moves down the value chain are attractive, as is the pseudonymity provided to those who would rather not publicize their benevolence.

Recent high profile charitable cause have been introduced by the likes of Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong, who launched Givecrypto.org, which distribute funds to those who live in poverty. Armstrong has said he’s always believed in the power of cryptocurrency-funded philanthropy and his new nonprofit is all about empowering, educating, and elevating global communities. 

The Bitcoin Cash Association launched an initiative where $1,000 worth of bitcoin cash is sent to the two Eatbch campaigns in Venezuela and South Sudan every month. The initiative has been feeding the hungry in Venezuela with food purchased with BCH donations. The group has since also started feeding people in South Sudan where citizens in the East African region are suffering from economic turmoil and a lack of daily nourishment.

The Water Project charity provides access to clean, safe and reliable water across sub-Saharan Africa and accepts donations in bitcoin core, bitcoin cash, ethereum, or litecoin. The Water Project also recognizes one of the most important aspects of cryptocurrencies: transparency. They provide an app that allows donors to see how funds are being used. You can even see how much cryptocurrency has been donated and what those funds have been used for specifically.

Red Cross in action.

The Red Cross is known all over the world. The group aims to alleviate human suffering, which they accomplish through multiple projects such as donating blood, being on location when disaster strikes, and training first responders in how to be prepared for emergencies. The Red Cross accepts cryptocurrency donations in the form of BCH and BTC. On the relevant Bitpay page you can donate bitcoin to support the Red Cross.

Save the Children is another nonprofit for philanthropists who are passionate about giving children around the world the opportunity to survive and thrive. The charity’s main focus is on health and education. The group has a presence in the U.S., Africa, Asia, Greater Middle East and Eurasia, and Latin America and the Caribbean. You can view the options to donate by clicking on the Bitpay page where, again, BCH and BTC can be used.

Watsi is building technology to finance universal healthcare by crowdfunding surgeries and providing community-based health coverage. Donors can virtually meet the people that need their help and choose specific patients to donate to their cause.

There are many more non-profit organizations accepting cryptocurrency donations to further their work. This trend has the potential to make a huge difference in the world. The fact that such high profile humanitarian organizations are accepting crypto donations is encouraging for both the adoption of digital currencies and the realization of the vital work they are doing.

Is there a non-profit organisation you are supporting that also accepts donations in crypto? Let us know in the comments section below.

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