Betting ICO is Hosting a One of a Kind Raffle – Win a BMW X6!

Marginless is known for doing things that no other betting ICO has ever done before – creating unique betting markets, having industry-leading lowest margins, offering users a Face to Face betting system in a really comfortable and user-friendly environment and much, much more.

As a gift for the investors, Marginless is hosting a one of a kind raffle – anyone who invests 5000  MGS tokens or more will automatically participate in a BMW X6 2015 giveaway that is valued around 50 000 US dollars!

Here are some of the main raffle rules and points:

The raffle will take place on Marginless ICO website and will last for three months till our initial coin offering end (from – to data).
Anyone who invested 5000 MGS tokens or more (in altcoins or fiat money) will automatically participate in our raffle.
Anyone, who invested 5000 MGS tokens will receive one ticket. Payment to enter the raffle must be made in advance of the draw date. Any payment received after the draw date will be treated as a regular buy.

In order to enter this raffle, you need to visit our website – http://www.marginless.io and follow all the given details there.

Marginless – a New Way of Betting

Marginless CEO Lukas Jonaitis says:

Marginless will bring the good old times where individuals will have an opportunity to place a wager against other people directly on almost any sport or other activity. Friends, colleagues and many other sports lovers will be able to get back the control of their bets and place them against a real person. Cleverly developed algorithms seem to rule today’s betting industry, however, the decentralized approach of newly forming blockchain technology based solutions will change the way we live – making financial transactions, buying products and… betting. At Marginless you can not only bet on sports, but create your own bets in different kind of niches.

The Marginless betting platform is driven by MGS tokens, which means that in the whole betting process, Fiat currency is not used at all. The use of Tokens and AltCoins as a reward for betting gives you a complete, secure and lightning fast reward payment in Tokens or AltCoins. Blockchain lets you confirm payouts immediately and payouts will be processed in a couple of minutes depending on what kind of AltCoin as a payout option is chosen. Marginless wallet lets you keep your betting assets in more than 30 different AltCoins. You will have a possibility to deposit or withdraw AltCoins as well. Marginless partners will integrate a possibility to purchase AltCoins or Tokens directly from the Marginless platform in a safe and quick environment.

Betting ICO is Hosting a One of a Kind Raffle – Win a BMW X6!

Why Blockchain?

With the use of blockchain, cryptocurrency provides the speed and anonymity that has made cryptocurrency ideal for people looking to wager safely and has given sports gamblers an alternative to traditional online books. The speed of cryptocurrency transactions makes using cryptocurrency sportsbooks a much safer option for everyone than traditional sportsbooks. You can deposit, wager, withdraw, and have your money back in an immediate control.

While using the Blockchain, your transactions are fast and cheap, it will reduce high fees and will also ensure high levels of international liquidity. The blockchain-based system is universal and ideal for any country, so there is no need for modifying the program for every region or in adopting specific payment methods. Use of a decentralized system eliminates the risk of fraud on the part of casinos, the risk for an account getting blocked and problems with withdrawing funds for regular bettors. Also, blockchain highly reduces the costs of the infrastructure. Because of that, more funds can be used for the project’s development.

Images courtesy of Marginless

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