Bitcoiners Call For Elon Musk to Accept the Lightning Network Torch

Bitcoiners Call For Elon Musk to Accept the Lightning Network Torch

Participants in the ongoing Lightning Torch Bitcoin transaction relay have turned their attention to involving Tesla CEO Elon Musk after Twitters Jack Dorsey joined this week.

First Dorsey, Now Musk?

Lightning Torch, which involves users of Bitcoins Lightning Network implementation sending a transaction between themselves, increasing its value with each stop, has gained a loyal following since it launched January 19.

Its instigator was a Bitcoin user known on Twitter as hodlonaut, and has since attracted the attention of well-known Bitcoin figures as the torch has been relayed by over 150 people.

When Twitter CEO Dorsey (@jack)came on board, the relay saw considerable press attention. While Dorsey used the occasion to hint at direct involvement between Twitter and Bitcoin payments, however, attention has already focused elsewhere.

A similar long-term proponent of Bitcoin, Musk is a natural follow-on for the Torch, users were claiming on Twitter Thursday.

I propose that every torch bearer from now makes a tweet to (Musk) to get him to pick it up! It seems (kind of) obvious that he should at some point, hodlonaut wrote.

Lightning Labs co-founder and developer, Elizabeth Stark, who received the torch from Dorsey, also asked Musk if it’s possible to relay the LN payment to Mars.

A 10,000 Satoshi Miracle

Musk had not publicly responded to the invitation at press time, while the debate is already raging about a possible U-turn over Twitters controversial cryptocurrency policy.

As Bitcoinist reported last year, the social network has banned cryptocurrency advertising outright, allegedly due to bad actors and misleading information. The platform remains plagued by bots which masquerade as users offering fake giveaways.

In comments following Lightning Torch, Dorsey revealed his other project, payment network Square, would incorporate a full cryptocurrency wallet in future.

Asked whether Bitcoin micropayments – likely using the Lightning Network – would be a feature on Twitter, he responded that he loves the idea.

Bitcoin is resilient. Bitcoin is principled. Bitcoin is native to internet ideals. And its a great brand, he added.

The Lightning Network is currently at its largest capacity since its launched just over a year ago, catering to over 650 BTC ($2.19 million) in transactions.

Will Elon Musk joining the Lightning Torch? Let us know in the comments below!

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