Trading Platform Voltaire Rewards Users With BCH for Every Trade

Trading Platform Voltaire Rewards Users With BCH for Every Trade

On March 8, London-based exchange Voltaire announced a new incentive for registered traders that provides the ability to earn BCH during each trade executed on the platform. According to Voltaire, which bases all of its exchange paired denominations in BCH, users will earn 0.2 percent of each trade and will be paid in bitcoin cash.

Voltaire Now Offers a Cashback Incentive on Every Trade

BCH-fueled exchange Voltaire has announced a new reward for traders. Voltaire is a cryptocurrency trading platform that bases all market denominations in BCH which launched in September of 2018. At the moment the exchange provides two markets BTC/BCH and BSV/BCH but in the near future the platform is implementing ETH/BCH and LTC/BCH. Now Voltaire has added a program called Cashback that will provide users with 0.2 percent on every executed trade. BCH rewards accumulated will be sent to the users exchange wallet. The Cashback promotion is enabled by default on all pairs offered by Voltaire.

Voltaire.cash exchange supports BCH as the base exchange pair.

0.2% of the value of each maker order made on Voltaire is credited directly to the users wallet in the disposed of currency, ran the companys announcement. In practice, this means that if a user is to submit an order to buy BTC, theyll get 0.2% of the value of their order back in bitcoin cash The total earnings of any user can be accessed from the wallet section of the profile.

The exchange also detailed that Voltaire is continuing to expand its team and has other ambitious projects planned. According to Voltaire, the startup is expecting an investment in Q2 that will help bolster the platforms goals. “Several institutional and strategic investors have expressed interest in funding Voltaires growth, the exchange remarked. Voltaire has already received early funding from the incubator Think, Try it, Do, which is sponsored by the University of Exeter.

Voltaire’s trading engine shows cashback rewards on the bottom left of the screen.
Voltaire CEO: ‘BCH Offers a Stronger Solution to Scaling’

21-year-old Semyon Germanovich is a huge fan of the BCH ecosystem and believes the Cashback program is a great incentive during the crypto winter. During a bear market, the best thing one can do is to get their head down and build utility, drive adoption and create value, Voltaires founder Germanovich opined. The release of Voltaire Cashback is an exciting and innovative event in the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem Bitcoin Cash offers the technically stronger solution to scaling.

Germanovich added:

There aren’t many exchanges that offer pure BCH markets like Voltaire, so BCH enthusiasts have been visiting the platform since launch. Currently, the trading platforms Panda Exchange and Coinex offer a section of BCH markets as well but they also offer segmented BTC and ETH markets too. With 0.2 percent BCH rewards for each maker order made on Voltaire, the incentive may entice more traders to visit the exchange. As part of Voltaires core value of transparency, a calculator has been built to allow users to calculate potential bitcoin cash earnings for trading on Voltaire, the exchange concluded.

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