Wincos Token Sale Conntecting Blockchain Technology with Non-Digital Businesses

Winco is an inclusive platform that combines non-digital businesses with the advantages that blockchain technology has to offer, by using a broad network of reliable companies and startups that have a great developmental potential.

The team behind Winco wishes to use their product on investing in real-world assets such as real estate projects and franchise products and services, seeing as these assets have inherent values on their own. Their crypto token will also be used on the offline and online retail network, as well as on the markets exchanges.

Blockchain has reformed the way we process transactions, making them faster, more secure and less costly. The entire cryptocurrency ecosystem has been expanding at an increasing rate, and now its the moment to take one step further and include all the advantages blockchain has to offer into peoples everyday lives. People will also have more freedom as the decentralized nature of this technology will remove any need for interference from third parties.

What is Wincos goal?

Through their crypto token, Winco aims to be used in different sectors of the economy, such as the real estate market, an industry that shifts millions of dollars daily all over the world.

Winco will be used as a means of payment, which will enable the platforms customers to perform payments, and also pay the employees and suppliers of these enterprises. Franchise networks can contribute to giving cryptos more exposure to the general public in an extraordinary way, seeing as these companies will be integrated into their daily lives by providing everyone with a more convenient and efficient alternative.

The number of franchise networks that will utilize Winco will continue to grow, resulting in an extensive network over time. Tech startups are also one of Wincos target customers, being of great importance to their project, because they would improve the circulation of their crypto by moving several values in a bigger volume.

ICO Details

Winco is launching its own token sale to fund the development of their platform and help their digital token gain more exposure, and thus have a higher value. Winco successfully managed to sell 500 million WCO tokens already. The Winco team has set the date for the first phase of their Main sale on the 19th of February, their cryptocurrency being set at a price of $0.07 for 1 WCO token. The token sale will end on March 29th, 2018.

Token Symbol
Token Type
ICO Start Date
19.02. 2018
ICO End Date
29. 03.2018
0,07 $
Accepted Cryptos
Total Token Supply
7,652,580,800 WCO
Hard Cap
$84,000,000 USD
Soft Cap
$35,000,000 USD

Winco s objective is to develop a token that can lessen the inconveniences that come along with regulatory laws and provide a decentralized solution for the world. Also, their digital currency will definitely attract new venture capitalists, as they can invest in real-world based projects, services, products and business assets by making use of cryptocurrencies.

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