Review: Crypto Is a Surprisingly Fun Movie About Compliance

Review: Crypto Is a Surprisingly Fun Movie About Compliance

Fuck is the first word uttered in Crypto. It might also be yours after watching John Stalberg Jrs claustrophobic movie about an anti-money laundering agent caught in a web of deceit, intrigue, and bad beer. Copious cryptocurrency references have no tangible impact on the plot, but serve as a running gag for bitcoiners intent on scrutinizing the movie for the slightest sign of inaccuracy.

Beau Knapp Makes Compliance Look Sexy

Just as the sharks arrival is heralded by that seat-clenching dun-duuun, dun duuuun music in Jaws, youll have no trouble deducing the bad guys in Crypto. The blast of Russian opera music every time their white van appears saves you from having to think for yourself, which is exactly how we expect our Hollywood movies to be packaged. In Crypto, the music builds the tension rather than the tension building the tension, and the movies sins dont end there. Yet for all its flaws, including a nonsensical plot, Crypto is a fast-paced thriller that simmers nicely before spilling over in a ferocious finale.

Crypto was shot in better times for the cryptocurrency market

AML agent Marti, played by Beau Knapp, is the very personification of the New York Bitlicense. Lines such as I demand a culture of complete compliance in my department are prone to make the skin crawl for every bitcoiner watching. Marti gets booted from his big city job for being too good at compliance, whereupon instead of being appointed to the Ripple board, he finds himself exiled upstate to the small town where he was raised.

There, he discovers something has taken root, and its not dads (Kurt Russell) potatoes. With glamorous art gallery hostesses, sexy assistants, and Russian mobsters skulking about, upstate New York is more NY than NY itself. Upon arriving to find his fathers farm failing, Marti is all set on restructuring loans and bringing in silent partners to save the day. Kurt just wants him to grab a shovel. Metaphors for the gulf between old money and new are all over Crypto.

A Cornucopia of Cryptocurrency References

Five minutes into Crypto and youll be praying that goodie two-shoes Marti winds up on the wrong end of a Kalashnikov, such is his toe-curling obsession with doing everything by the book. Marti is so square that when bitcoin bro Earl (Jeremie Harris) who runs the liquor store tells him the beers on the house, he drops a 20 on the counter anyway. Naturally, Marti drinks Bud Light. Hes the sort of guy whod show up at your party and then call the cops cos some people were smoking pot by the pool. Marti mercifully gets some of those square edges rubbed off him as the movie progresses, and its hard to find fault with Beau Knapps portrayal of the AML agent. In fact its hard to find fault with any of the acting in this movie, which is more than can be said for some of the plot points.

Everything has labels in Crypto. Its like the whole film is an exposition, because the trouble with treating audiences to a movie about cryptocurrency and money laundering is that you have to explain things as you go. Thus we encounter Earl logging in to a cryptocurrency exchange named Cryptocurrency Market, in between dropping crypto bro lines such as Hang on time is of the essence. Im getting in on this ICO! The scene in which Earl explains to a woman how Bitcoin works is a particular highlight.

Early in the movie, Earl shills the hottest new ICO to Marti like it was a brand of potent crystal meth but Marti demurs, presumably because he hasnt performed compliance checks on the company, and what if they havent filed a CTR exemption for those funds? You can tell Crypto was shot in the last throes of the 2018 bull market, incidentally, because XRP is still trading at 60 cents.

Crypto features a BTC logo that looks surprisingly similar to that of
Dont Think Just Roll With It

Its not a classic by any means, but theres plenty to enjoy in Crypto. My nocoiner mate described it as a really good film that was solid which, if nothing else, suggests that appreciation of the movie doesnt call for a grounding in cryptocurrency. As Crypto progresses, we learn that Omni bank, which Marti is dutifully investigating, secretly invested $10 million in cryptocurrency in the previous quarter. The significance of this is unclear, but judging by the ominous music, its clearly A Bad Thing.

Omnis dubious looking investment portfolio

Im not entirely satisfied with the way the DD was handled, spits Marti, always a stickler for doing things by the book, even as the Russians begin circling and the body count rising. Hes a fast learner though, to give him credit: at the outset, Marti confesses to have only understood 5% of Earls ICO spiel; by the midpoint, hes effortlessly dropping insights such as My guess is theyre buying Bitcoin over the counter to avoid market slippage.

Director John Stalberg Jr. captures the essence of a small town where everyones got a secret to hide, and as the movie nears its climax, theres no denying that whatever the hell is happening, this is hella fun. It would be asking too much for a movie about compliance to end with anything other than an American three-letter agency riding in to save the day; the Russian mobsters never stood a chance against the barbed quills of Hollywood. Whether you read Crypto as an allegory for Bittrexs struggle to obtain a Bitlicense, or a brainwashing exercise on why money laundering is bad is your call. Despite having very little to do with cryptocurrency, Crypto is compelling fare for bitcoiners. If only real life compliance was this fun.

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