Why Dorado is Not a Scam

Experts are tipping Dorado to become the next market leader in the hugely lucrative online delivery space and become one of the biggest e-commerce companies in Europe.

Dorado has evolved from the successful Foodout platform that serves over one million clients in six countries and has completed over four million orders since the companyís launch in 2014. The platform has already proved incredibly successful, generating over $50 million in sales, and the executives behind Foodout have founded Dorado to expand beyond the food delivery market and provide unparalleled access to all items in a mere matter of minutes, using innovative technology such as drones and robotics.

The value of the on-demand delivery industry is currently valued at $215 billion, creating huge scope for Dorado to secure significant market share and maximize investor returns. The current Initial Coin Offering (ICO) that is underway provides private investors with the opportunity to secure Dorado Tokens and play an active role in contributing to the platformís future growth.

Doradoís combination of innovative technology and leading expertise is attracting large-scale investment as the platform looks to expand to vital emerging markets and cement its position as the leading company in the last-mile delivery sphere.

Who Is Behind Dorado?

The platform is set for a significant boost due to the wealth of experience possessed by the appointment of some of the worldís leading e-commerce and digital figures to Doradoís board. The new board members include an impressive mix of influential and respected thought leaders, proven e-commerce entrepreneurs and bold tech innovators. Board members include Pedram Assadi, Head of Operations at UBER Eats and former executive at IBM and Amazon, and Xiaochen Zhang, President of Frontier Group and a FinTech though leader.

The expertise is not limited to board level. Doradoís leadership team also boasts impressive pedigree in cultivating and expanding e-commerce companies and those in other sectors. The founders of the successful Foodout Group are behind this evolution so intimate knowledge of the market is retained. These entrepreneurs know exactly what they are doing; after all, they led Foodout through a period of intense growth when sales increased by over 6000% in just three years.

Dorado has announced that Jonas Karosas, Co-Founder of Foodout Group, will act as Chief Executive Officer and Evgeny Tikhomirv, previously COO at eBay Russia and responsible for developing Russiaís three largest internet companies, will take on the role of Chief Operating Officer. Both Jonas Karosas and Evgeny Tikhomirv are responsible for co-founding Dorado.

What sets Dorado apart from other investment opportunities in the e-commerce sector is that the board and leadership team have a proven track record in building or developing online companies already so investor confidence is assured. In addition, all Dorado tokens held by high-level management have been ďlockedĒ for the next three years, meaning that they cannot be sold during this period. This move underlines the strategic approach and the long-term review that Doradoís leadership is taking to develop the company to reach its full potential. Again, this should reassure investors and confirms the ambition of the team in growing the business.

Doradoís leaders boast a proven track record of expansion and internationalization which differentiates the platform from the hundreds of other e-commerce investment opportunities.

Doradoís leadership team has created realistic and clear expansion goals to accelerate the platformís growth. One of the fundamental strategies driving this future growth will be the platformís expansion into key markets, including Australia, Canada, Poland, and Russia during 2018 alone.

These rapid expansion plans are set to continue in subsequent years, with a UK launch scheduled for 2019, the same year as Dorado breaks into the Scandinavian market with operations starting in Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden.

Doradoís ambition is set to continue into the next decade, launching in three new continents by 2021. Dorado plans to launch in South Africa and Brazil in 2020 and across five Asian markets in the following year, including India, Japan, and South Korea.

How Are Investors Set to Benefit from Doradoís Growth?

Investors are attracted to Dorado by the generous financial returns on offer. For example, Dorado has announced that token holders will receive 7% of net sales as a quarterly bonus. This is potentially a huge quarterly payout for investors. After all, the online delivery market is valued at over $200 billion so even a modest estimate of market share would see potentially huge returns.

Dorado is proving an attractive proposition for thousands of investors, with the platform already receiving over $6.3m in investment. Demand is currently soaring with the offer of a discount of up to 30% on the available Dorado tokens attracting a huge range of investors.

The platform has identified five valuable revenue streams which will contribute to the companyís growth and successful expansion over the next few years including plans on the fees charged to both businesses and customers. These will be vary depending on each market although it is expected that businesses will be charged 20-30% in commission for delivery, use of the Dorado platform and support.

Dorado will also use its own marketing and social media channels to promote selected premium businesses listed on the platform for an additional fee to maximize revenue and investor returns.

How Will Doradoís Use of Drones Revolutionize the Market?

Dorado is uniquely positioned to lead customers and businesses into the future of e-commerce. The platform has recently entered into a strategic partnership with LT Robotics Association, increasing technical knowledge by providing valuable links with the associationís members which will increase the expertise of management and enhance Doradoís edge over competitors.

Investors concerned about the impact of Doradoís embrace of innovative technology on traditional labor will be pleased to hear that drones will not be replacing a human workforce. Instead, the use of drones and a robotic approach complements traditional delivery methods to benefit businesses, their employees and customers.

Businesses will flock to Doradoís platform as they can benefit from reduced costs while increasing profits by producing more orders and expanding the area that they can deliver to, unlocking access to a potentially huge additional customer base. Employees of these businesses, such as delivery drivers, who often work on commission or tips, can increase their earnings by reducing travel time by focusing on shorter trips, while drones can deliver to more remote and harder to reach areas.

The customers themselves can enjoy quicker delivery times, with Dorado aiming to deliver items within just fifteen minutes, as well as benefit from lower prices as a knock-on effect of the reduced costs of businesses in supplying these items.

Based on the evidence, it is easy to see why Dorado is currently so popular among investors!

Images courtesy of Dorado

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