Is Ripple (XRP) the Liquid alternative of Tether or USDC?

Ripple (XRP) prices slide 1.7 percent
The rollout of xCurrent 4.0 is an opportunity for banks to upgrade and even adopt xRapid

That the World Bank and the IMF have Ripple Inc in their reports is bullish. At the core, Ripple Inc is introducing speed, efficiency and cost savings in the fund remittance sector searching for alternatives. Even so, the unregulated nature of XRP is slowing down adoption as prices range within a 4 cents zone.

Ripple (XRP) Price Analysis


For the extended consolidation, Ripple (XRP) is said to be a sleeping giant. However, its not a deep snore but a snooze, a power nap. We can glean all this from significant developments in the last few weeks.

First, there is xCurrent 4.0 that is available for the more than 200 banks and financial institutions. Although David Schwartz brought to light technical reasons that could slow down adoptionand upgrade to xCurrent 4.0 automatically activating xRapid, there are other positive developments. Ripple Inc, despite stable prices, is partnering with banks and working closely with regulators.

It is a necessary groundwork for laying infrastructure that the cryptocurrency industry would find useful in days ahead. Towards their grand goal, institutional grade investors are investing in XRP as the Q1 2019 XRP report reveals. With mention from the IMF, the EU via INATBA, the World Bank and the startups links with the White House, it is easy to see Ripple Incs fundamental trajectory. Even so, traders must be patient.

Currently, XRP resembles a stable coin, but if FIs migrate to xCurrent 4.0, then it would be only about time before there is an explosion above 40 cents.

Candlestick Arrangements

Meanwhile, Ripple (XRP) is down 1.7 percent in the last week, trading along 30 cents and pretty much stable like it has in the previous 24 hours. Therefore, in light with todays development, our XRP/USD trade plan is valid. However, the longer this consolidation is, the stronger the breakout would be.

Even so, despite the likelihood that XRP could sink, printing towards the dredges, the fact that there is no movement despite Bitcoin (BTC) gains supportive of bulls.

That lag is bullish, and unless otherwise there is a drop below 30 cents, then any break above 34 cents could spur demand with targets at 40 cents and 60 cents.

Technical Indicators

With prices consolidating within a 10 cents trade range, participants are yearning for volatility that would lift prices above 40 cents in a breakout trade. Accompanying that breakor drop, should be high volumes exceeding averages of 11 million or preferable 36 million, the mean value of Apr-24-25 draw-down.

Chart courtesy of Trading View

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