This Latest ‘Who Created Bitcoin’ Theory is The Craziest One Yet

This Latest ‘Who Created Bitcoin’ Theory is The Craziest One Yet

Bitcoin was the creation of a programmer and drug lord who wanted to launder money, and Craig Wright is trying to steal his private keys.

Bitcoin Creator, Solotshi Nakamoto?

That was the latest wild conclusion to emerge in the debate over who the real inventor of Bitcoin is – the entity behind the Satoshi Nakamoto pseudonym – as Wrights multibillion-dollar court case continues.

After testimony from Wright leaked online, one user of the 4Channel forum pieced together clues to reveal Satoshi as infamous US drugs informant Paul Solotshi Calder Le Roux.

The testimony mentioned Le Roux numerous times, with the leaked documents blocking out all but one – assumedly accidentally – of those mentions.

He intended it simply for the purpose of money laundering (a use case which is clearly seeing fruition even today with the likes of Crypto Capital), the user summarized.

Unfortunately, soon after he went quiet with the Satoshi identity, he was captured by law enforcement, and he’s going to spend the rest of his life rotting in jail cell.

So Craig Wright IS Faketoshi?

As Bitcoinist reported, Wright has purported to be Nakamoto for several years. In 2019, he has stepped up efforts to protect his reputation, launching lawsuits against anyone who disagrees with him.

At the same time, Wright is being sued for 1 million bitcoins by the estate of former business partner Dave Kleiman, relatives claiming he defrauded them.

Now, Kleiman could also figure in the conspiracy, as an accomplice of Wright who prior to his death sought to help him crack Le Rouxs wallets, which also involves a sum of around 1 million BTC.

Calvin Ayre, who supports Wrights lawsuits and altcoin Bitcoin SV as the real Bitcoin, is allegedly further faking a mining operation to disguise ongoing efforts to access Le Rouxs fortune.

Craig Wright was an employee of Le Roux, who was vaguely aware of the bitcoin project. Craig was an informant who helped bring down Le Roux, and after his arrest, Craig managed… to get his hands on the wallets that hold a million bitcoins, the user claims.

…He has been trying for years to crack them but with no success.

1 Day To The Big Reveal

As Bitcoinist noted, the idea of unmasking Nakamoto has formed a central preoccupation for some Bitcoin users.

While others are content to use his or her creation without knowledge of its exact genesis, others have sought to uncover the facts via methods such as a crowdfunding campaign last year.

Meanwhile, a dedicated website, Gotsatoshi.com, has promised to formally reveal Nakamotos exact physical whereabouts on May 14. Whether the event will include any extra details or proof of its assertions remains to be seen.

What do you think about this latest theory on Satoshi’s real identity? Share your thoughts below!

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