Stellar Lumens Chosen by Kin Foundation as the Ideal Platform

Stellar Lumens Chosen by Kin Foundation as the Ideal Platform

Kin Foundation has just announced a new relationship signed down with Stellar Lumens, cementing XLMs growth continuation even stronger:

We are excited to share more info on this huge step forward for Kins functionality and accessibility.

The decision to go for Stellar was concluded with the argument of reaching an ideal asset for real-time and real-life world use u need high-scale blockchain and high speed, which both are delivered by Stellar. Welcoming the platform tothe teamof Kin Foundation is going to make a major positive impact on its access for digital features, functionality and most importantly its infrastructure.

Kin Foundation continued:

All the Kin transactions previously were taking place on Ethereum (ERC20), stepping forward, and the transactions will happen on Ethereum or Stellar. The two blockchains will support Kin in different ways with services operating on the blockchain that is best suited to their needs, as Ted discussed in a recent AMA.

For the time being, for the Kin holder the platform of Ethereum does give enough liquidity but fr day-to-day consumer use the loading times and fees are not very supportive. Adding Stellar as acherry on top of the cake will open gates for more efficient and faster foundation with lower fees.

Both blockchains will run parallel so its not much of an update but more of an addition, meaning that individuals are not required to move the tokens if they do not wish to.

The change will simply create a more frictionless experience for using Kin as per the two-phase plan. The Kin Ecosystem participants will use the same Kin token irrespective of Ethereum or Stellar Lumens.

Per time of writing, March 24 the whole market and Stellar [XLM] accordingly is feeling and acting very bullish, recovering 3.56% in the last 24-hours reaching the level of $0.2394. TRONwith 35.98% is the highest gaining crypto in the top-20, followed by DASH with 11.48%.

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