Crescent Cash Users Can Now Send Bitcoin Cash Via Text Message

Crescent Cash Users Can Now Send Bitcoin Cash Via Text Message

On May 15, the BCH-based and open source Android wallet Crescent Cash launched a new feature that allows people to send bitcoin cash through a text message. The SMS sending service added to the wallet is due to the latest open source API introduced by the crypto startup Cointext.

Crescent Cash Now Supports the Cointext API

Crescent Cash users can now send bitcoin cash to mobile phone numbers even if they don’t own a BCH wallet. News.Bitcoin.com reported on the Crescent Cash client during the first week of April and explained how the pseudonymous developer Pokkst became frustrated with the BTC network’s current scaling direction. So the programmer ported all of his BTC projects over to the BCH network and has been steadily adding to the Crescent Cash wallet. The Crescent light client available for Android operating systems was the third wallet to introduce Cash Accounts addresses, a system that gives people the ability to pay to a human-readable address instead of a long alphanumeric string. Then, a few weeks later, Pokkst introduced Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP) support to the Crescent client and BCH fans can now store SLP-based tokens in their wallet. Thanks to the open API offered by Cointext, the Crescent Cash wallet can now send BCH to mobile phones.

With the Crescent wallet, people can send BCH through an SMS text message and the funds will be immediately available to be re-spent using the Cointext application.

“Not only can you send to contacts, but you can manually type in a phone number and send BCH instantly, wallet-to-wallet, on-chain, to any mobile phone in the 42 countries Cointext supports,” remarked the Cointext founder and CTO Vin Armani during the announcement. “Now senders don’t need to use SMS to send to phone numbers,” Armani noted. “Nor do they need to maintain a balance at Cointext to use the SMS service.”

Pokkst: ‘Bitcoin Cash Works Flawlessly, the Way BTC Used To’

Pokkst believes that the Bitcoin Cash protocol works as Bitcoin was originally intended by offering peer-to-peer cash transactions in a permissionless manner. The programmer has detailed that the BTC network’s high fees and unreliable transaction times are infeasible for a healthy medium of exchange. Moreover, the pseudonymous engineer thinks that the Lightning Network scaling solution is far too complex for everyday users. During the announcement Pokkst insisted:

The BCH community was pleased to hear about another wallet that offers Cointext abilities. Electron Cash (EC) lead developer Jonald Fyookball showed interest in adding the concept to the EC light client. The Crescent Cash SMS feature using Cointext also supports BIP70 payment codes, which can be used to pay Bitpay invoices. After the BCH chain successfully upgraded and added Schnorr signatures on Wednesday, the Crescent Cash announcement added to the excitement. “There is so much happening in BCH lately, that I’m getting dizzy,” one user commented on the Crescent Cash announcement post.

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