Litecoin LTC on the verge of a Breakout: Battling EOS for the 5th Place

Litecoin LTC on the verge of a Breakout: Battling EOS for the 5th Place

While a very hectic crypto-market is taking place, for the last 24-hours the overall sentiment is on the green recovering from the last few days loses. Leaving for now on one-side the latest Bitcoin SV development, despite knowing that it is of great importance for a major part of the crypto-industry, the silver to Bitcoins gold Litecoin LTC is nearing the $95 with an eye set on the big $100.00 presenting a chance to clear the weekly tanking trend-line formed since the previous monthly high.

Source: coinmarketcap

If the bulls hold the position and the position with no drastic change throughout the market, a clear above $95.00 could open gates for even taking EOS 5th position as the difference between the two is standing only at a $100 mil. However, seeing how almost all leading coins are in the mid-range of the last-7 days highest and lowest, todays performance could set a stone mark for the upcoming weeks price situation.

On Sunday, Zulu Republictweetedthat they had launched a special bot for WhatsApp users to send and receive such currencies as Bitcoin (BTC) and Litecoin (LTC) using a new Lite.Im bot.

To send or receive crypto through the new WhatsApp bot, you just need to install it and check on-screen prompts. The bot also enables users to earn some crypto by referring friends and ensuring they install it as well.

Also, Travala [crypto-open traveling platform] is partnering with Litecoin Foundation to allow LTC to be used in over 500k travala properties around the globe. Those participating in the campaign will enjoy a discount of up to 40 percent on their hotel bookings both when paying with Litecoin from the platform or LoafWallet from Litecoin.

The consumer is in the driver seat when it comes to achieving mass-market cryptocurrency adoption, and were delighted to embark on this journey with the Litecoin Foundation with a unified goal: to bring the mainstream use of cryptocurrency into everyday life. This is a proud milestone for use as we continue building out our platform to welcome those who share the same vision for the crypto economy.
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