Engineering Giant Bosch Trials Ethereum Tech as ETH Retraces 5%

Ethereum (ETH) down 4.8 percent and hanging
Bosch, Samsung, and Amazon see potential in Ethereum

Vitalik zeroed in on Augur and Kleros as two projects that would eliminate human verification, as Bosch said they are trialing projects in Ethereum. Prices are stable, down 4.8 percent. But bills still have control.

Ethereum Price Analysis


On April 30th, Elon Musk tweeted, Ethereum and that was enough for Ether prices to move, jolting bulls and could have been the precursor to what we are currently witnessing. What we have seen is a near 50 percent jump in a coin that was even immune to Bitcoin gains of early April.

Well, of the many application brought by its smart contracting capability is moving identity to the immutable blockchain. That shift alone would cut off fraud, and it is something Vitalik, the no-giver of ETH, is pretty excited about.

During 2019s Blockchain Week, the innovative co-founder highlighted two projects that are planning to revolutionize verification. The two, Augur and Kleros, Vitalik said will replace human verification. Through their decentralized protocols, the Ethereum co-founder expects for industries to benefit from their innovation.

While Vitalik heaped praise on these Ethereum based projects, Bosch, it is emerging, is running trials on the Ethereum platform:

The Ethereum platform allows such projects, including for example, in the case of Bosch applications, autonomously charging and paying EV. There is no strategic favor for any existing technology. We have evaluated Ethereum, Hyperledger, and IOTA in small prototypes before.

Candlestick Arrangement

Overly, big corporations are settling for Ethereum in a move that cements the platforms position as a go-to smart contracting platform. Meanwhile, Ethereum Foundation is accelerating development towards Serenity that will, without a doubt, support ETH prices.

The coin, at the time of press, is down 4.8 percent and hanging. Even if prices drop, there is an opportunity for traders to find entries in lower time frames as long as prices are above the $170 as per our previous ETH/USD highlights. Its easy to see why.

ETH is trading within a bullish breakout against the USD. Typical of these patterns, prices often retrace in a retest before prices snap back to trend. In any case, any dip below $230 could see ETH sink to $190 in a retest. On the other hand, any expansions above $270 with above-average volumes open up doors for $300 and $450 in a bull trend continuation phase.

Technical Indicator

As a result, our reference bar is May 19th. It is wide-ranging with high participation. Any surge or drop below $230 canceling our outlook ought to be at the back of a volume spike exceeding 271k and preferably 822k of May 16th.

Chart courtesy of Trading View. Image Courtesy of Shutterstock

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