Bitcoin Closes Weekly Candle Above $8,400, Stage Set For $9,600 Push

After breaking from $8,000s grip on Sunday, Bitcoin (BTC) skyrocketed to $8,750 in a jaw-dropping move. While the bullish momentum has slowed for the time being, with BTC beginning to consolidate in the short-term around $8,700, some are sure that the cryptocurrency market will continue to print higher as the week elapses.

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Bitcoin Closes Above $8,400

Earlier today, BTC suddenly broke over, shooting past $8,200, $8,400, and $8,600 in rapid succession. Initially, though, some were wary that this was a fakeout, designed to trap bulls into thinking there was going to be a strong weekly close above $8,400. $8,400 is, of course, where this market topped in a bear market rally in mid-2018, and where BTC double topped in early-May.

The thing is, there was a chance that Bitcoin was going to rapidly scale back just as fast as it jumped up.

But, just minutes ago, Bitcoins weekly candle closed at midnight (UTC time zone), marking a strong performance over the past week. As analyst Nick Cote quipped on Twitter in response to this close, that weekly print. According to LiveCoinWatch, Bitcoin is up 6.75% on the week.

So whats next? Well, now that the weekly candle has closed decidedly bullish, some are adamant that anywhere to $9,600 to $10,000 for BTC is in the cards. Josh Rager, a team member at Level and a popular analyst, recently noted that now that the close was strong, he fully expects for a move to $9,600 to come to fruition. As he wrote in a recent tweet: Goodbye meme triangle, hello $9k+ targets. Bitcoin could cool off, run sideways but IMO will continue to move up over $9k.

Some have been a tad more optimistic. Adamant Capitals Tuur Demeester exclaimed last week that Bitcoin continues to hold in a bullish parabola, which has acted as support for BTC since December 13ths jaw-dropping bottom.

In fact, the asset touched the parabola in February, late-March, early-April (to kick off the current rally), throughout early-May, and just last week. If this trend continues, the Adamant representative suggests that Bitcoin could rally by 40% around $3,000 from current levels to hit $11,000 by early-June. This begs the question is crypto winter finally over?

According to Fundstrat Global Advisors Tom Lee, this might just be the case. In a recent Twitter post, the Fundstrat head of research gave 13 reasons why the bear market is over.

Some of these important reasons include the fact thatBitcoin quickly returned to $8,000after the $1,700 dump on Bitst the Bitcoin Misery Index passing above 89, a sign only seen in bull markets; a grow in on-chain activity and volumes, which historically have preceded rallies; and the fact that Bitcoins chart recently saw a bullish golden cross pattern while BTC moved above its 200-day moving average in spectacular fashion.

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