XMEDChain Goes Live With Their Much Anticipated ICO Pre-Sale The Worlds 1st Global Medical Blockchain + AI Big Data Platform

Their vision is to build a patient-oriented, sustainable, and intelligent ecosystem in medical data management, and help to build a more efficient global healthcare system.

Hong Kong, China, March 20, 2018, XMEDChain is ushering in the next generation of medical data management. This ICO marks the world 1st use of Blockchain Technology + Artificial Intelligence on a global scale. As word of this ICO spread across the crypto community, many crypto enthusiasts have been waiting for the chance to participate in their ICO Pre-Sale. It is live now and an excellent chance to be part of the future of medical data management through a decentralized platform.

XMEDChain has researched the problematic issues in Healthcare:

The traditional way of medical data management is outdated in such a diversified healthcare environment. Data storage is scattered and data sharing is difficult.
There is no standard format for keeping a medical data storage. In most cases, patients need to collect and provide their own medical records to different institutions.
Patients privacy protection largely depends on the institutions themselves.
Due to the existence of flaws such as being too diversified, fragmented and maybe invalid, it is difficult to ascertain the accuracy and efficiency on the analysis based on such data.
The allocation of quality medical resources is unbalanced, due to the lack of knowledge in certain areas of medical care. The mismatch of medical resources hinders the quality and efficiency of healthcare.

The XMC Application System is Based on Blockchain, AI & Big Data Technologies. This innovative platform has been created to solve the problems listed above. Users upload medical records, the records will then be validated and encrypted with the blockchain technology. The anonymous data will be analyzed by the AI and big data system. Through analysis and evaluation, consultation results will be generated for users with high efficiency.

Some of the features and benefits of using the XMC platform are:

The first blockchain project for global medical service integration: XMC applies the blockchain, AI and big data technologies in the market of global medical service and provides the best medical solution.
Safe and reliable medical data circulation: The XMC system greatly improves data security. The encryption properties of the blockchain technology ensure the safe circulation of medical data.
Utilization of global medical services: Users can obtain multi-dimensional global medical service advice from XMCs analysis. Medical big data can provide patients with transparent medical information with the best global medical program that meets their medical needs.
Everyone benefits from XMC: Build a health chain that everyone benefits from. XMC is an application with a wide range of users, and every user can receive XMC Token as a reward for the contribution to the medical data.
Efficient data sharing: Institutional users can share data efficiently among medical institutions. XMC shortens the trading cycle of institutions and accelerates the reimbursement process involving insurance companies.

According to a company spokesperson:

The XMCs system is divided into three terminals, Enterprise (SaaS), Patient, and System Management. The three different terminals can achieve a variety of functions. The Enterprise terminal will allow data management system docking, user registration, retrieving medical records and other management functions. The Patient terminal will provide a platform for medical record upload, AI analysis, authorize record usage and other functions. The Management terminal can provide smart contract management services, node permission and other management functions.

A detailed discussion about the XMEDChain ICO can be viewed in their Whitepaper here.

For complete information, please visit: http://www.xmedchain.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/XMEDChain/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/XMEDChain

Telegram: https://t.me/XMEDChain

Media Contact:

Attn: Media Relations
Hong Kong, China

Images courtesy ofXMEDChain

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