BCH Businesses Launch Development Fund for Bitcoin Cash

BCH Businesses Launch Development Fund for Bitcoin Cash

On May 30, the FVNI Development Society in collaboration with Bitcoin.com, Bitcoincash.org, Electron Cash, Bitcoincash.com and a multitude of individuals and businesses in China launched a new fundraiser to support the software engineers who maintain the technical development of the Bitcoin Cash network. The goal for Phase One is to raise 800 BCH by August 1, 2019, and BCH supporters can help fund development by visiting Bitcoin.com/fundraise, the front page of Bitcoincash.org and a number of other websites.

Help Fund the Bitcoin Cash Roadmap

The developers of Bitcoin Cash need support from the community and more importantly from businesses to continue implementing the roadmap toward becoming peer-to-peer cash for the planets 7.7 billion citizens. The executive director and cofounder of FVNI Development Society, David R. Allen, has coordinated a fundraiser with several groups so that the business community and individuals can get involved with funding many of the developers who have been great assets to the BCH ecosystem. FVNI is a non-profit organization that supports Bitcoin Cash software developers and has provided support to projects such as Bitcoin ABC, Electron Cash, and the Bitcoincash.org website.

FVNI was set up in early 2018 as a not-for-profit society. Allen told news.Bitcoin.com that it was clear there was a need for an organization to help support the work of many teams and projects working on the infrastructure that forms the foundation under the growing Bitcoin Cash economy. Grants are allocated by a selection committee, with the mandate of investing in the needed technical development for the long term success of Bitcoin Cash. Bitcoin Cash has the potential to increase economic prosperity across the globe and by supporting infrastructure development, the recently announced fundraiser aims to bring us one step closer to accomplishing that. So far, over 100 BCH has been raised since June 1, and supporters were pleased to see how easy it is to donate.

One supporter, discussing the subject on the Reddit forum r/btc, remarked:

The Bitcoin Cash Development Fund can be found on four different prominent BCH websites.

At the moment, people can support the BCH developers by visiting one of four websites: Bitcoin.com/fundraise, Bitcoincash.org, Electroncash.org and Bitcoinabc.org. On the front page of Bitcoincash.org, there is a Bitcoin Cash Development Fund window that shows a QR code for the BCH donation address and one that can be copied and pasted as well. From time to time, the window flashes orange when a new payment comes in so people can see the donations in real-time. It also tells a percentage of how much of the 800 BCH has been raised so far, alongside how many donations made and how many days are left to donate. At press time, there are 57 days left to donate to the Bitcoin Cash Development Fund.

At Bitcoin.coms fundraiser, page donors can choose to donate to the general fund or choose to donate to a specific development team as well. Developers are important to the continued success of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) becoming a global currency for the world to enjoy.
Bitcoin Cash Is an Important Tool for Those Who Need Permissionless Money

When a BCH proponent visits Bitcoin.com/fundraise, the same types of data will be displayed so people can see how much has been donated so far and contribute. Bitcoin.coms portal has four different development teams that can be donated to: Bitcoin ABC, Unlimited, BCHD, and Bcash developers. Visitors to the Bitcoin.com/fundraise page can also donate to any of the teams using the Badger Wallet. If you are a Badger Wallet user simply press the Donate With Badger button and it will direct you to the Badger application. If you dont know which team you would like to specifically donate to, then you can simply donate to the BCH General Fund and your donation will go toward Bitcoin Cash development. All of the funds raised help push technical development and areas that will maximize the success of BCH.

The executive director and cofounder of FVNI Development Society, David R. Allen.

Since the fundraiser launched, news.Bitcoin.com spoke with David R. Allen in regard to the recent Bitcoin Cash Development Fund.

Bitcoin Cash was built to provide economic freedom to anyone in the world, Allen said. Its also a very important tool for a variety of countries who need permissionless money and regions that have a majority of citizens who are underbanked. The developers behind the scenes work relentlessly every day to improve the protocol, so it can be the scalable cryptocurrency Satoshi had designed. Allen continued:

Allen stated that the current campaign to raise 800 BCH is Phase One of the goal toward the immediate needs of developers. Following this campaign, stable ongoing funding and corporate support will be sought for long-term infrastructure development. If you want to support the vision of peer-to-peer cash for every individual on the planet then consider visiting Bitcoin.com/fundraise or Bitcoincash.org and donate to BCH development today.

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