Vitalik Buterin: “Bitcoin SV is a Complete Scam”

Vitalik Buterin: “Bitcoin SV is a Complete Scam”

Vitalik Buterin is not particularly a fan of Bitcoin SV. For the creator of Ethereum, the fork of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is nothing more than a scam created to enrich its promoters.

In an interview with Grey Jabesi, Buterin responded with no regrets when asked his opinion about Bitcoin SV:

Yeah, like, obviously BSV is a complete scam

Vitalik did not comment further on this and preferred to talk about other issues he considered more important, such as the power of exchanges and the future of trading on Dexes.

This was not the only time Buterin downplayed BSVs importance. In fact, not only has Buterin attacked BSV but Craig Wright directly, saying he does not believe that his claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto are true, calling him a fraud on different occasions:

The tension between Craig Wright and an important number of personalities in the crypto-verse has escalated considerably since Mr. Wright started a series of legal claims against those who voiced doubts about the veracity of his arguments.

In the letters, he demanded that skeptics remove the comments, publish an apology, and testify in court that Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto (even though he had not yet provided reliable proof of his identity, following the demands of the community).

Vitalik Buterin Bets on Decentralized Exchanges

In the same interview, Vitalik Buterin commented that he found more interesting the debate that followed CZs announcement that Bitcoin SV was being delisted from the exchange because of the unethical conduct of Craig Wright and Calvin Ayre.

He noted that Binance should not be judged by a single decision given the important role it has played in promoting and growing the ecosystem:

The delisting from Binance, that was interesting. There are arguments in favor of it but then theres also arguments like this is an exchange thats yielding a lot of centralized power, but realistically, Binance is as an exchange that has a lot of power and is buidling it in a lot of ways … So it gets we were to kind of criticize like that one decision without looking at all their others.

Buterin has also strongly criticized centralized exchanges, even commenting at a time that he wished they all burned in hell. He expects decentralized exchanges to acquire a greater presence in the ecosystem, becoming the platforms of preference among traders around the world.

Full interview available here:

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