TrustDice releases Crash Game supporting BTC and ETH

TrustDice releases Crash Game supporting BTC and ETH

People always ask when blockchain will go mainstream. When Facebook launches its own cryptocurrency? When Telegram launches TON network? Or when old money starts buying Bitcoin?

The TrustDice team believes that blockchain will go mainstream when millions of people play blockchain games every day. During the past 2 years, blockchain gaming grows fast. Nowadays therere almost 3000 Dapps (Decentralized Apps) built on blockchain (Ethereum, EOS, TRON, etc) and 60% of them are games, according to the data from DappReview.

However, the number of daily active users of blockchain games is still small (around 100k) compared with that of traditional games. To accelerate the process of bringing blockchain gaming to the mass market, the TrustDice team makes a lot of efforts. They released Trust Protocol in March 2019. And now they release the first Crash game to support multiple cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, etc), with the help of Trust Protocol.

We talk with the TrustDice team about their vision and plans in the future.

Why do you build this Crash game?

Crash is an innovative game invented by people in the world of cryptocurrency. The first Crash game was released by Bustabit in 2014 and since then it has been popular among the Bitcoin community.

However, Bustabit only supports Bitcoin, for people holding other coins, they cannot enjoy the fun of this game. Therefore, we came up with the idea to build a Crash game supporting multiple tokens (Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, etc). And this will also be a good showcase of Trust Protocol.

Any other differences between your Crash game and Bustabit?

Besides supporting more tokens than Bustabit. Therell be daily wagering contest in our Crash game. Those who wager more will win more. Another big difference is that our Crash game is built on EOS blockchain. All the random numbers are generated on blockchain.

It is truly provably fair and more transparent than games built on centralized servers. Finally, we have a Coinbox feature for new players to claim free coins (BTC, ETH, EOS, etc) every 6 hours. Even people without holding any cryptocurrencies can enjoy the game and maybe win a lot of coins, as long as they have good skills and luck.

Why do you focus on casino games now?

Our team is composed of veterans in the gaming industry and geeks. Weve actually delivered several different types of blockchain games during the past 2 years: collectible game, FOMO game, Dice game and so on. Most of them can generate hypes during a short time, yet lose players quickly, while casino games like Dice and Crash, has been popular in the world of cryptocurrency for a long time.

The number of transactions in SatoshiDice was once taking 60% of all transactions on Bitcoin. Whats more, the daily betting volume of casino games on those new blockchains (Ethereum, EOS, TRX, etc) surpasses 10M USD. Its definitely a great use case of blockchain and helps a lot of new users to learn cryptocurrency easily. It will keep contributing to the ecosystem of cryptocurrency in the future, and we believe that we can add value to it.

Whats the plan for 2019?

Well, our strategy is always customer first, and our highest priority is to provide the best gaming experiences to our players. In the rest of 2019, well polish the product, deliver more games, as well as supporting more tokens on TrustDice.

For Trust Protocol, well support more blockchains including TRON, NEO and so on. We hope to open source Trust Protocol by the end of 2019 so that more developers can benefit from our experiences before.

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