Top Up Your Airtime Minutes With BCH Using Yovopay

Top Up Your Airtime Minutes With BCH Using Yovopay

Mobile communications are becoming more accessible every day. While subscription plans are the way to go in most cases, a prepaid service can be a better choice for customers in certain situations. A platform called Yovopay lets you refill your airtime using cryptocurrencies including bitcoin cash.

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Purchase Mobile Services With Crypto in 130 Countries

Yovopay allows crypto holders to pay for services offered by over 500 prepaid mobile operators around the world. The long list of supported providers includes well-known names such as AT&T, Verizon, Vodafone, Orange, Telenor, Viber, and working in more than 130 countries. Yovopay has a full list of all supported jurisdictions and operators on its website.

Prepaid mobile services are still popular in many countries with low-income populations and also among travelers who would like to save on expensive roaming charges. With most companies in the sector still shying away from digital coins, they could also be a good option for crypto enthusiasts with the help of Yovopay and similar businesses.

How It Works

To order a refill for your prepaid plan you need to first choose a country code and enter your phone number and then select an operator. On the next page youll be prompted to pick one of the top-up amounts for that particular provider. Once you do so, you will be taken to a page where youll see a summary of your order. Before finalizing it, youll have to provide a valid email address to receive instructions on how to redeem your purchase.

After ticking a box to agree with the terms of service and privacy policy, youll be able to pay the bill with cryptocurrency. Yovopay allows you to check out with Coingate, a payment gateway that allows web-based businesses to accept payments in many of the most popular cryptocurrencies. That includes bitcoin cash (BCH) which is an optimal choice with its cheap and fast transactions.

Buying a ?5 voucher from Vodafone UK, for example, will cost you 0.0181 BCH, at the time of writing. According to the price quoted by Google, that will be around ?5.65 GBP. As Yovopay do not provide detailed information about the applicable fees on their website, its wise to check the final amount before ordering and sending the coins.

The operator of the platform, Yovo Services Ltd., is based in crypto-friendly Malta. In the past couple of years, the island nation which is an EU member state has become a hub for crypto and blockchain businesses, many of which have already opened an office there and registered under its dedicated laws and regulations.

Would you buy airtime minutes with cryptocurrencies from platforms like Yovopay? Let us know in the comments section below.

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