Create a Custom BCH Address With

Create a Custom BCH Address With

A vanity address can be useful in various situations. If you have a business, for example, you can incorporate its name into a bitcoin cash address you regularly use for payments. is a platform that will help you create custom BCH addresses in a few easy steps.

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How to Generate a Vanity Bitcoin Cash Address will allow you to create public addresses in both BCH address format and BTC (legacy) format. The first requires you to start with a lowercase character which can be q, p, r, or z, and then type in the prefix you want to have for your public address. You can enter any letter or number except for b, i, o, and 1. Legacy addresses can be generated using letters and numbers other than 0, O, l, and I.

You can build an address in the BCH format starting with q and continuing with the word cash, for instance. A short prefix like that will probably cost you nothing. Click the Get it for free button at the bottom of the page and youll be prompted to choose between two options, compressed or uncompressed. Then you have to provide an email address where youll receive a secure link to your key once its generated. Longer phrases would require you to pay for the service with bitcoin cash.

Follow the link to retrieve your custom public address and private key. The platform is powered by Coin Dance Vanity and youll be redirected to a page on its platform. Make sure you have saved your key before leaving it. No one will be able to recover it for you once youve closed the tab. While on that page, you can also view the QR codes for the address and the key.

If you need step-by-step guidance on importing private keys into cryptocurrency wallets, you can refer to a tutorial covering popular wallet apps or google How to import private key into adding the name of your wallet. Using, you can also create custom addresses and keys in a trustless manner. That requires more advanced knowledge and the platform provides a link to a detailed guide.

You can also use the Cash Address Converter developed by, an online tool that allows you to convert a Bitcoin Cash address into either the Cashaddr format or the Legacy format. Youll find more free and useful BCH tools when you visit our Bitcoin Tools page.

What other vanity address platforms do you know or use? Tell us in the comments section below.

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