TokenStars Review: ICO and Bounty Campaign

We have already reviewed the main concept and rewards offered by TokenStars. Now it is time to take a closer look at its public crowdsale, bounty campaign and ACE tokens.


Pre-sale of tokens ACE was active for a short period of time - developers quickly raised the necessary sum. During February 2018 ICO was held. There were additional bonuses for investors in the early stages of presale and ICO.

During ICO investors could buy 99 million ACEs. 1 ACE equals 0.0001 BTC. Hard cap of TokenStar ICO is approximately $ 40.1M (the rate is $ 4050 per 1 BTC). Soft cap is $7.5M. Volume of ACEs is 165M. All tokens are distributed - 60% for ICO, 20% for developers and 20% for the community (attracting scouts and promoters). TS accepts BTC and ETH.

The company has an open source code of their smart contract published on GitHub.

Bounty campaign

The campaign was initiated to promote the project. Participants can share posts, create content, translate website/documents and attract other interested people. $15M were raised during ICO.

The pool is 2% of subsidiary TEAM tokens if $5M + ACE are raised during ICO, 1% if less. 2% will be $300,000 (if the hard cap is raised).

Members can get tokens for translation, for posts on Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Medium, Youtube, Reddit and creation of new content.

More details about Bounty Campaign read here.


Right now the developers have signed Veronika Kudermetova a rising Russian tennis player from the top 200, who won in 19 international championships.

After the crowdsale developers released the beta version, and in less than a year developers plan a full-time launch. The company's road map consists of several milestones. Developers werent going to specify the budget for each stage. However, the financial plan can be found in Whitepaper (p. 48).

Useful links:

Read more facts and details about TS:
Telegram (over 20400 followers)
Twitter (over 4000 followers)
Facebook (over 2600 followers)
Official Medium blog (over 900 followers)
Bounty Campaign Thread
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