Buy From Home Depot and Walmart With Bitcoin Cash Through Alagoria

Buy From Home Depot and Walmart With Bitcoin Cash Through Alagoria

Ordering from large retailers doesnt necessarily have to involve fiat money, even when these merchants have yet to adopt crypto payments. A platform called Alagoria lets you buy items sold by Home Depot and Walmart and you can pay with decentralized currencies such as bitcoin cash.

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Alagoria Gives BCH Holders Access to Major Retailers is a website that allows you to purchase products offered on and To do so, find an item you want to buy and then copy and paste the URL into Alagorias search bar. The platform will check its latest price and availability as well as the sales tax and shipping cost, before it lets you add it to the shopping cart.

At checkout youll be able to pay with your favorite cryptocurrency. Alagoria supports four major coins bitcoin cash (BCH), bitcoin core (BTC), litecoin (LTC), and zcash (ZEC). Despite the irreversibility of crypto transactions, the company covers damages and costs resulting from purchases made with it for up to $10,000.

To shop via Alagoria you need to create an account. The website respects your privacy and requires only a valid email address and a password. Its team promises to place the order on the retailers website within five minutes of submission to ensure fast delivery. They will notify you as soon as the item is shipped and provide you with a tracking number. Most items are typically delivered within three to four business days. Alagoria currently ships only in the U.S.

The crypto-friendly intermediary claims youll be able to save around 10% by paying for your order with cryptocurrency. The platform buys discounted Home Depot and Walmart gift cards from people who dont want or need them and uses these cards to fulfill orders placed by other customers. It pays for the gift cards in crypto.

If you need an alternative way to buy items with bitcoin cash, check out the Spend Bitcoin Cash page developed by Use it to shop online for a variety of products or to order gift cards for major retailers including The Home Depot.

Have you used platforms like Alagoria? What other websites providing similar services do you know? Tell us in the comments section below.

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