Review: The Corazon Trezor by Gray Is Made of Titanium

Review: The Corazon Trezor by Gray Is Made of Titanium

Hardware wallets donít have to look beautiful Ė they just have to work. The Corazon by Gray is a silver titanium device that happens to deliver on both counts. USB hardware has never looked or felt so good in your hand. All that brushed metal and angular chic comes at a price though, which in the case of this Trezor on pretty pills starts at $695.

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The Corazon Will Steal Your Heart But Hurt Your Wallet

Owning a designer hardware wallet presents something of a quandary. Like a tattoo in an intimate place, it should only be seen by a trusted few, but after eyeballing your 12th vodka shot, you want to show everyone. A hardware wallet is a special thing you should keep to yourself, but the Corazon doesnít make that easy. This is the sort of gadget you could wear around your neck with a fat platinum chain. This isnít a 90s hip-hop video though and if you walk the streets wearing the Corazon as a fashion accessory youíre gonna have a bad time.

As a reviewer, I have no option but to broadcast my ownership of crypto wallets, which include a Cobo Vault, Coldcard, Keepkey, Cool Wallet, Ellipal and several Ledgers. Iíve got a drawer full of them, complete with an assortment of recovery seed phrases for devices whose pin numbers Iíve almost certainly forgotten. My protection against being robbed is that each device holds a few hundred sats at most, added for testing purposes. When one satoshi achieves parity with the dollar, my collection of crypto dust will finally make me a target, but until then Iím not worth bloodying your wrench on.

Unless, that is, anyone were to covet my Corazon for its comeliness rather than its contents. Housed in an ďaerospace gradeĒ titanium case thatís been CNC machined by Gray is a Trezor Model T, one of the most popular hardware wallets on the market. The Corazon Titanium reviewed here retails for $695, rising to $995 for the limited edition Stealth or $1,495 for the even more limited edition Gold.

Lines you could linger over for days
What Makes the Corazon Tick

The Corazon comes in an attractive black box, with twin security seals ensuring it hasnít been tampered with. Inside, the device nestles snugly, bidding you to reach out and prise it from its foam padding. Brace your wrist for the strain the moment your hand wraps around the hardware wallet. For a small gadget, the Corazon is surprisingly heavy Ė but reassuringly so. Itís no less than youíd expect from Gray, a luxury tech company best known for its premier accessories for iPhone, Samsung, and Macbook.

A second layer in the box peels back to reveal a quick-start guide and recovery cards, and below that, a third layer containing the finest looking USB cord you ever did see. Running its sinewy black and silver ribbed cord through your fingers, you feel feelings for a computer cable you didnít realize were possible.

Once connected to my laptop, the Corazon is detected and Iím directed to Trezorís setup page. There Iím prompted to install Trezor Bridge, software that will enable the web app to communicate with the Model T via my Mac. The file takes up less than 10 MB, and installs easily. Upon refreshing the setup page on the Trezor website, Iím prompted to click a button and the deviceís firmware begins installing. The process takes under a minute, whereupon the wallet automatically restarts.

The Corazon in Action

Despite having reviewed close to a dozen wallets, Trezorís wares have never crossed my threshold. The Corazon is the first Trezor Iíve set up, and the process proves easier than that of any wallet Iíve used to date. Itís rare in my experience for a wallet to work at the first time of asking, but be it due to good luck or good UX, the Corazon performs perfectly. Credit for this must go to Trezor, whose responsive touchscreen paired with an intuitive web interface is noob-proof. In terms of security, the Trezor Model T is equivalent to most of the consumer devices on the market; any physical exploit that a skilled hacker could leverage falls under the banner of ďhypothetical,Ē unless youíve got Mossad on your tail, in which case you should probably be fearing for your life, not your crypto.

Challenge accepted

The list of cryptocurrencies the Corazon Model T holds is extensive. A BTC wallet is automatically installed when you download the latest firmware, but adding other coins is as simple as selecting from a dropdown menu in Trezorís web application, whereupon an address will be generated and a corresponding account added to your dashboard. I create a BCH address and fire over 0.1 BCH that Iíve got rattling around in a Bitcoin.com Wallet. It shows up in less than five minutes, with the BCH and USD values clearly displayed in the dashboard.

Yes, Iím sure

In addition to sending and receiving cryptocurrency, the Trezor wallet portal enables you to sign and verify messages using your private key and to connect to Myetherwallet or Mycrypto using your Corazon to serve as your Ethereum network signatory. Thereís also the means to exchange currencies directly within the Trezor web app thanks to integration with coin-changing services such as Changelly and Changenow. My 0.1 BCH was matched with a best offer from Changenow, and a quoted bitcoin cash network fee of less than $0.01.

Thanks Trezor.

The real worry with the Corazon is that in the event of another crushing bear market, the device could easily wind up being worth more than the tokens you bought at the top and solemnly entombed in the device as your legacy to future generations. If you can invest wisely in cryptocurrency, however, and have enough left over to stretch to the Corazon, it will safeguard your coins while stealing your affections. Just donít tell the world about it. Owning a Corazon is a love that dare not speak its name.

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