AMFEIX Fund: The Investment Vehicle Offering Bitcoin Investors Professional Trading

AMFEIX Fund: The Investment Vehicle Offering Bitcoin Investors Professional Trading

Bitcoin investors have no reason to worry about how they will benefit from trading in the markets, thanks to AMFEIX.com. The firm, operating like a crypto hedge fund, allows investors to deposit their Bitcoin in a wallet and a team of crypto traders will invest for them. Unlike other firms that are run by bots, AMFEIX is purely run by humans who live in the cryptocurrency realms.

With as low as 0.02 BTC, investors can enter the lucrative market and start reaping the enormous rewards offered.

Flexible and transparent Investing

AMFEIX acts like an active investment manager, but it doesnt get commissions unless it generates some profits for investors. For the profits made, the fund charges 20%, and there are no hidden or flat fees whatsoever.

The company has an agreeable 80:20 ratio of splitting profits between the investors and the firm respectively. So, the traders will get their 80% while AMFEIX takes 20%.
There is no minimum investment period. Investors can decide to terminate their contract at any time and get their deposit and any gains made in BTC.
The firm provides an updated account balance through the investors wallets, where they can track their investments daily.
The profits are only taken in BTC, meaning that any fluctuations in fiat values will not affect your earnings.

Uncompromised Security

The portion of capital that is not traded is safely stored in multiple ledger cold wallets to protect the funds from possible attacks from hackers.

The firm trades the most secure exchanges in the world with only 30-50% of the pooled funds being used at any particular time while the rest is stored in BTC form.

All investors using AMFEIX the platform have a seed key that protects their investments from hackers. The 12-letter key protects investors funds from any hackers who may try to gain access to their wallets from any location.

Pseudo-anonymous Trading

AMFEIX does not use the Know Your Customer criteria when creating a wallet with them. All that is required is to set up a wallet name and password, and then you will receive your seed phrases for protection.

Gradually Compounding Capital

Investors can significantly increase their capital by not withdrawing their gains but allowing them to compound over time.

Suitable Withdrawal Procedure

With only a click, investors can withdraw their profits from AMFEIX and, once approved, they will have all their gains safe in their wallets within 24 hours.

24/7 Support

AMFEIX has a 24/7 support team, in different time zones, with a chat box on their website to help any investors who need some assistance or have any issue. The agents are very responsive and answer questions on time.

Fruitful Referral Program

AMFEIX.com provides investors with an opportunity of making money through its referral program. Investors keen on cashing on the program can get 10% of the profits made by their referred friends.

Most Bitcoin investors lack sufficient knowledge to undertake proper research on digital assets and determine which coins to invest in. AMFEIX provides the solution by doing everything for them, including trading and generating profits.

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