IOTA Most Awaited Wallet to be a Game Changer: Trinity

IOTA Most Awaited Wallet to be a Game Changer: Trinity

The 10th largest cryptocoin by market capitalization IOTA [MIOTA] reached the level of $1.24 while battling to survive above the important $1.00 which it did with success for quite some time now.

The above mentionedTrinity Wallet is one of the moves that enthusiasts are very hyped for. Everybody coming together has brought theuser-friendlycellular wallet to a new level of desktop implementation as the team supporting its development has announced its weekly progress report.

Until now what was added as updates for cross-platform use are translations update, support for Lithuanian, Thai and Estonian language, node list update that concluded with the removal of not-supportive nodes adding CarrIOTA, very notable speed improvements that were achieved by removing not-needed hashing on first load, declined the transfer prep-time.

Most highlighted updates on the mobile version are various removals, fixes and additions like the pesky Android local PoW incorrect nonce bug, incorrect recent transactions which are displayed on the balance page, adding handling for IOTA lib js calls sizes over 1k,updating Android splash screen, updating iOS splash screen, blocking accessibility text sizes that affect the user interface, making the screen responsive to keyboard to avoid overlap with text inputs, removing unnecessary component re-rendering and many more.

The last but not less important desktop version with its updates count the wallet dashboard UI&functionality improved, more suitable alpha version build setup, code refactoring/test coverage, implementation of deep linking and various bug fixes.

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